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In the last few weeks my YouTube channel has gone totally cray cray and it’s so exciting I just had to share it with you. You may have seen that I posted my how to get rose gold hair DIY tutorial a few weeks back, I had a feeling when I posted it, it would be a hot topic on account of the rose gold hair trend set to be popular for SS15, but never did I ever expect the sheer amount of views that it’s now had. We’re currently at around 125k, which is insane considering I usually get between 400-1000 views per video. I’m still finding my feet with the YouTube thing (the content, production, editing etc) I feel like I’m just recently getting in the swing of it and can see a clear direction for my channel. I’m still a tiny youtuber, so as you can imagine getting so many hits on one video is so amazing news!

The popularity of the video has also meant a huge spike in subscribers with them doubling over the last few weeks. You obviously love the candy coloured mermaid hair just as much as me, and I love messing about with hair colour so it’s the perfect combo for some great videos. Like all popular posts or videos, you just can’t please everyone, I have had some fantastic feedback about the colour but I have had a few negative comments about it not actually being rose gold amongst other things. But what evs, it was just my little experiment to see what I could do to the best of my ability and I was happy with the result and pleased with the video quality. Any negativity just pushes me forward to make better videos for you that love them and there’s so many of you that seem to be enjoying my videos that it makes me want to make them better and better each time.

In light of that, I thought I’d step my game up with my hair tutorial DIY vids, so I have teamed up with Mack Daddy’s new salon in Totterdown, Return of the Mack, to bring you a new and improved hair vid. I have been pinning like crazy and there’s so many different colours and styles that I like the look of but I think (for now at least) I have decided I’d like to try and go for vibrant peach root fading out to pastel peach ends. Lauren is going to sort my roots out (it always best to go to a pro, but there’s also nothing wrong with winging it at home if that’s what you want to do!!) and apply the colour for me, so we can share how to do it like a pro!

For those of you that missed it (or maybe you just want to watch it again?) here’s a chance to see the vid again, maybe it will look different with 125k views?




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3 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Update

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    Lyzi - June 17, 2015

    Oh Emily, that’s awesome! Go you! Every time I read your blog though, I do want to dye my hair crazy mermaid colours… it’s dangerous! xx

    1. Reply
      admin - June 17, 2015

      Thanks lovely! And you should so go pink again, it was a lush tone on you! X

  2. Reply
    Nat - Tea, Cake and Make - June 17, 2015

    Congrats Emily, it’s very well deserved! Your hair looks gorgeous!!

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