There’s a fine line between, being driven and hardworking towards achieving your goals, and wanting it so bad you that you always feel like you’re failing for not reaching your goals quick enough, and it’s a hard balance. I for one know all too well. Some days I feel like I’m at the top of my game and that my dreams are within my grasp, and then I have other days when I feel like I’m getting no where and wonder if my dreams are too big.

I think I’m possibly on the brink of a mid life crisis as its dawned on me, I’m going to be thirty next year and I’m putting all the pressure on to show some kind of substantial measure of success by the time I turn thirty. I feel like I have achieved so much, and so little all at the same time!

why its ok to have a down day life advice from Mermaid Gossip

Someone once said many of life’s failures are the people who didn’t know how close they were to success when they gave up. So I will always keep going, I know that success is lingering in the air and at some point I will get there, I’m stubborn so I don’t think I’d ever give up doing what I do, because I love working for myself and being my own boss.

why its ok to have a down day life advice from Mermaid Gossip

I do think it’s good to have those down days sometimes though, when you wonder if your path is leading anywhere and whether you’re even on the right path at all, it’s just human nature. It’s how you respond to it that matters. I have my down days and am fully aware my brain is playing tricks on me because I am tiered, under the weather or just plain worn out. I always come out the other side with a new perspective, a new idea or two, my drive back twice as hard, and the realisation that there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. Failure isn’t an option, this game plan has to work.

I may just be taking the windy uphill path to success instead if the direct route, there’s been a few detours and delays and it may take a little longer than expected but I’ll get there in the end! 

Just don’t give up!

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