welcome to mermaid gossip

Thanks so much for heading on over here to check out my new little corner of the internet. You may have been a fan of Fishee Designs, where I used to blog about fashion and life in Bristol. Since it has become so popular, I felt like it needed it’s own identity.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Did you know the collective noun for a group of mermaids is a gossip of mermaids!!?

If you found this completely randomly, please head on over to Fishee Designs to catch up with all my previous posts, but be sure to come back because I wanted to start some awesome fresh new posts here. If you have been a regular reader of Fishee Designs blog you will find my content is going to be staying pretty much as you would expect for now but I hope it will grow and develop as the new alternative fashion and lifestyle blog does. I am very excited for this new chapter in my life, embracing my inner mermaid and gossiping about life!

I hope you enjoy reading and splash back soon!

Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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