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OMG, these nails though!!? I know they’re mine, but I can only take credit for planting a seed of thought for Kaycie to work her magic with. I saw Studio Mucci’s palm spring nails, which I absolutely LOVE, and wanted my own totally tropical nail art. I may have peaked a little too soon, since summer isn’t actually with us yet but that just means more excuses to have tropical nails again in a couple of months! I think the watermelon is my fav, so I might go for a full set of watermelon at some point.

Just incase you don’t have a Kaycie you can call on, I’ve selected some of my fav decals and press on nails for you to get ready made tropical nail art below.

Totally Tropical Nails by Kaycie Kyle x Mermaid Gossip

If you’d like to see how the master achieved these awesome nails, check out the Totally Tropical Nail Art video!


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