Things I Love Thursday // Pains, Planning and Puggy Pops

This week, I have mostly been curled up on the sofa, suffering with really bad belly ache (the mensies!). I recently had some changes with my contraception which has caused my pains to be really REALLY bad. Like someone has taken a knife to my womb!! It generally only lasts a couple of days but this week it’s been dragging out making me feel pretty crappy. (Sorry if that’s a total over share but I really have no brain filter!) However, on a lighter note, I have managed to enjoy dinner with friends, a midweek photo booth booking and being super productive.

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Things I Love Thursday

Having Lily Doughball over for dinner, talking blogging and all things Bristol.

Getting very confused at what day it is, having a wedding to go to with the Photo Booth on a Wednesday and feeling like today should be a Sunday!

Planning the very late summer #BloggerBBQ for my blogger babes visit.

Finally being found and approached for being a blogger in my own right after hiding in the shadows of Fishee Designs for over a year! Makes me wonder why I didn’t make the leap ages ago!

Taking my baby Puggy pops to the vets this morning to finally get the chop – he is a horny little bugger!!! The house is so quiet, but I can’t wait to go and collect him later today.

Designing my best friends’ Save the Date cards… and her loving them!

Enjoying the last of the sunshine in the shed office #SHOFFICE! (Thanks Gala!)

Coming to the end of Orange Is The New Black, I am seriously gagging for another series now!

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style and Lifestyle

Business & Blog Stuff

5 DIYs to spruce up your office space

Some tips on Tax and Blogging

I will def be trying some of these busy babe bites!


Fun Stuff

These under water puppy photos!!! Squuueeee! (And that first one looks JUST like puppy!)

Gala’s summary of the Blogcademy mixer event sums things up perfectly – and the Costa Sisters video is all kinds of awesome.

OMG These donut stools are seriously off the hook!!! I must have these in my life!!!! (Just need to find a place where I need stools!)

I was featured on Mermaid Week with I Love Crafty


Style & Design Stuff

Living in Bristol, I share Kaylah’s love for graffitied walls, and I love the journey her bike is taking next to each of her fav walls.

I love this advice about taking pictures now, don’t wait to be “perfect” – you’re perfect now!

This Autumn wish list is so perf!!

Man, our house is so unorganised at the mo, I need to take a leaf out of this book!

We don’t have enough photo’s up in our house, despite the fact we have been here 2 years now – I think I will give this ago!

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