Things I Love Thursday // Working Hard & Party Planning

I do love Thursday morning’s, because I get to sit down with my coffee and read my fav blogs and put together this link love for you. I don’t very often get time to read much, which is why this is one of my fav posts to put together for you. I hope you enjoy the content as much as I do. I also get to reflect on my week so far and make a conscious effort to figure out what I am loving and what I am thankful for, big or small, every week has something to love.

Bristol Lifestyle Blog Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

 Working on my new graphic design website (until 2am on Tuesday night!), and logo, I am so in love with it. It isn’t quite finished yet though but watch this space as I will be launching it very soon. I have been designing forever (it is actually what I trained in) but I have only been doing it commercially over the last year or so and I felt, like Mermaid Gossip did, it needed it’s very own special platform. I am excited to have three legitimate sides of my growing business.

 Picking up my Dr Martens from the Bristol store yesterday, I will be sharing my full store review tomorrow, but this was the first time I had ever put my foot in a Doc and I went to heaven, it really is like walking on cloud 9!

 Meeting up with Hayley, SJ and Lily for dinner last night. We went to Sticks and Broth, which was an interesting experience when it came to the menu. I often get stage fright when it comes to menus, especially when I am not familiar with the type of food. Sticks and Broth is a Ramen restaurant so I no clue what anything was. I went for the Yaki Chicken Ramen (not said like the game Ray-Man, apparently!) it was delicious and I’m proud of myself for trying something new.

 Having fun dressing up and being brave and heading to the cemetery to put together my Halloween costume outfit post.

 Party planning for tomorrow’s Halloween party, we have a few decorations but I am going to spend the day get the house all spooky. I am making vodka pumpkin jelly shots, glitter pumpkins (hopefully, if I have time), and putting up a few spooky decorations.

Bristol Lifestyle Blog Things I Love Thursday2

Business & Blog Stuff

♥  10 SEO tips for bloggers

  Here’s a few ways to promote your blog posts

 You should never ignore your gut – I know mine is always right!

Fun Stuff

  This cinnamon hot chocolate look amazing, I can’t wait to kick back with this in front of the fire.

  I need more candles in my life – this one has a little surprise at the end of it!

Beauty, Style & Design Stuff

 Lynsay’s disneybound outfit is dotty... I so badly want to go to disneyland, it’s the dream that hasn’t come true yet!

 Do you have a style uniform!? Mine is pretty similar, Skirt boots and a top!

♥ Victoria’s halloween tiger make up is pretty epic.

♥ I am so glad to see Lush isn’t just for those with baths, Lush makes me wish I had a bath!

♥ I do love a good novelty hand bag… These are fab!

 I have been looking for the perfect shade of matt lippy for autumn, *heads of to buy one of these shades*

Bristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid Gossip

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