Things I Love Thursday // Halloween Inspired

Hello gorgeous! How are you today? Yay, the sun has come out for this morning’s post! I am up bright and early this morning as I have a lot to do today, and a lot to squeeze in. This morning I am heading back to Grace Kingsley’s salon to film a halloween make up tutorial for you, did you see the halloween nail tutorial yesterday to complete the look? Keep an eye out on wednesday for the next DIY.

Bristol Style Blog Mermaid Gossip Halloween Special

Things I Love Thursday

Getting a vibrant shade of purple hair just in time for halloween! Thanks to Jamie at Bespo’ke salon in Bristol for colouring it for me.

 Rebranding my entire business as a whole collective. Since the launch of Mermaid Gossip, I wanted a brand that followed through consistently across each aspect of the business. Although there were some similarities, I felt like it needed a brand audit which I have recently implemented. I wanted a cleaner and more professional vibe, I hope you like the changes, which are perhaps most noticeable on Fishee Designs Photo Booth.

 Having my face made over by Grace’s student, Kelly, on Monday – what better way to start the week than with a face full of sparkles!?

 Beginning the process to officially launch my Graphic Design website, I have been designing a lot over the past year, but I have never really given that element of my business it’s own online platform. Now that Mermaid Gossip is all sorted and launched and I have handed over the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World, I thought it was about time to give every element of the business it’s own space to flourish. So watch this space for Fishee Designs to take over the world in all its many alias’.

 Finally being noticed for being blogger in my own right. After over a year of blogging in the background of Fishee Designs Photo Booth (which did admittedly give me the time and space to hone my skills and style before the big launch), I am now being approached to work with brands and I finally feel like a proper blogger. I have huge dreams and plans for the blog and hope you all continue to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing for you.

 Continuing to Vlog after I initially thought I would only do it for one week. I am really enjoying it, have you been watching?

Bristol Style Blog Mermaid Gossip Halloween Special

Business & Blog Stuff

 Want to further your blog? The Blogcademy have just launched Level 2!

 How to embed a PDF – simple, yet great tips.

 Blog chat Calendar – which I need to print off and stick to my forehead because I KEEP forgetting those #lblogger chats!!

 10 things to learn about blogging


Fun Stuff

 The perfect autumn wedding photo shoot – and it is disney inspired to boot!!

 Harajuku girl visits an english country house. 

 10 spooky things to do in Bristol for Halloween

 Free Printable Halloween Costume awards – I will be printing these for our guests at our halloween party!


Beauty, Style & Design

 Lily review Bleach London’s washed out orange, I love her new ginge locks!!

 This skirt is amazing, I can’t believe SJ is on the fence about it!

 I love this Halloween Girl Gang!

 These waterproof vibrant eyeliners are ace

 The Dainty Squid’s photos are something I love anyway, they’re ace – but now you can get them on a mug!


Video of the Week

SO true about the dog thing!!

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Bristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid Gossip

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