Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday guys!! I don’t know quite why I’m excited that’s it’s Thursday but I have been particularly perky and productive this week. I have left the house quite a bit and encountered several interactions with actual hoomans, which always seems to lift my spirits. It’s never good when you realise it’s been a week and you haven’t spoken to anyone and barley left the house, it’s just not good for moral!

I am off to London today for a New Years eve party with the photo booth, I know, I hear ya! New Year’s Eve in January??! Well it’s true! I’m just thankful the sparkles haven’t yet died out. On that note I have been successfully keeping up with my resolutions too, did you see my post on them this week?

Things I Love Thursday

Eating clean, or pretty much. I have been so good making fruit and vegetable smoothies and cooking fresh food. Which is good considering Brad isn’t here all week and cooking for one usually results in a shed load of takeaways!

 Making new ‘Happy New Year’ sparkly props, there’s more where they came from and I’m excited to make lots more slogan props for the photo booth. I think I’m going to do a full DIY post with them too as its so much fun!

 Being approached by to collab on a styled shoot. Looking forward to putting that outfit post together.

 Cleaning up my dining room from all the mess Brad made before he went away skiing. I mean, he was putting in a new fireplace so I guess I can let him off this time. I have invited some friends over for dinner on Friday night and you couldn’t even get to the table so I cleaned up the entire room ready for a dinner party for five.

 I am truly loving my new lens on my camera. It has been making taking photos even easier and more pleasurable, now having a 35mm auto focus lens! I love the outfit post I put together on Tuesday, I even did it in the rain.

 I have been loving coming up with loads of new ideas for creative content for the blog, I can’t wait to share it with you. I feel like 2015 is going to be my year for the blog and I so excited to put it all in to action.

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Business and Blog Stuff

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How to add a favicon easily on WordPress.

The secret to reaching goals (and some awesome still life photography!)

Seven New Years resolutions to ensure career happiness. 


Fun Stuff

ALL THE BEARDS. 12 months of decorated accessorised beards!!! 

Ship your enemies glitter!!!! I LOVE this concept so much!!


Beauty, Style and Design Stuff

5 Steps to create a fun eclectic colourful living room.

30 free hand writing fonts every designer should own.

I love everything about this make up look from Victoria, In the Frow.

♥ I need to get myself a Cricut in my life so I can make these fun and bright DIY travel mugs.

♥ I really want to try contouring and this how to is a great help for beginners.

A Bristol girl in Santa Cruz, I wish I was there Sj!




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