Things I Love Thursday // Super Busy & A Time Out

Good Morning lovers! Cor, how is it Thursday already?! These last few weeks have flown by, I have been super busy with work  (or recovering from my cold). What with new creative projects and all the content challenges I have set myself, my to-do list seems never ending. I haven’t really had much time to sit and read much this week so I am going spend the morning with a coffee and reading some of my fav blogs, and of course share them with you.

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Looking forward to meeting up with blogger friends tonight in Bath for the Lush blogger event, I am sure there will more on that next week. Aside from my drunken night a few weeks back, I haven’t seen fellow bloggers in ages. There was a hype of blogger events over christmas so I got to see everyone quite a lot, but January’s always quiet so it will be really nice to see everyone.

♥ Finally feeling back to my usual self, my cold is on the way out and I can feel the cloud lifted from my brain. I am back with the land of the living.

♥ Planning a trip to Cornwall with Soph, Megan and Em and Jess. I can’t wait for a weekend away with the girls.


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Beauty Stuff Link Love Things I Love Thursday

I am so behind the times, I still want the first Naked pallet, Tattooed Tealady reviews the Naked 3 pallet.

I would really like to try the Nars Sheer Glow, here’s some pros.

I really need to invest in a new eye concealer, especially since I was ill last week, the bags under my eyes are pretty serious right now!

Yay, shower time! It’s such a cliché when it comes to Bloggers and baths (I am just jealous because I don’t have a bath) it’s nice to see someone on the side of showers!


Outfit Stuff Link Love Things I Love Thursday

If this is what a Stepford Witch looks like, I am already there!

Stylishly practical for winter walks in the woods

 Mermaid Gossip Business Stuff

How to take photos when it’s freezing cold

If you’re a Blogger user, here’s a free template.

The Do’s and Don’ts of finding Blog inspo online.

How to work from home, productively and creatively – I need to follow some of these rules, well nearly all actually!


Mermaid Gossip Life Stuff Things I Love Thursday

I love looking at other bloggers local areas, and looking them up on google maps to see where in the world these photos have been taken. It helps to improve my shocking geography knowledge!!

Why it’s ok to take some time off, were only a month in to the year but I could most definitely do with some time away, a change of scenery, the view from my sofa is getting a little dull!!

3 blogs you should be reading but may not know about, from a blog I just discovered!


Things I Love Thursday Bristol Lifestyle Blog Mermaid Gossip Home Stuff

These are with out a doubt THE best kitchen accessories EVER! We have a colourful kitchen and most of these items wouldn’t look out of place in our kitchen!



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  1. Haha nothing like a shower, I do get jealous when I see everyones bath bombs though! Would love to know what eye concealer you get, I cant seem to find one that works for me!

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