Things I Love Thursday // It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hey gorgeous!!!! This time next week it will be CHRRRRIIIIIIISSSSTMAAAAASSSSS!! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I have been playing Christmas songs, christmas shopping, wrapping presents and general planning for next week. Since my busy weekend, I have completely taken the pressure off myself with regards to work and totally slowed pace down. I have still been “working’, I have been filming and uploading videos for my YouTube channel, and keeping up my blog schedule, but that doesn’t really feel like work. I have thrown routine out the window and I am just working on what ever feels organic on the day and I am not beating myself up if things are a little late or delayed. That’s pretty lackadaisical of me, but hey, it’s christmas, I am making the most of some down time!

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Things I Love Thursday

Getting most of my presents bought and wrapped. Although I do feel like I have rushed it a bit this year (and most years), next year I would like to spend more time enjoying the full process of Christmas shopping. I wish I had all the times and monies in the worlds to go all out with buying amazing gifts and wrapping them like they fell off a Pinterest screen. Every year, I think about making a day of Christmas shopping with Brad, but it rarely happens. Note to self for next year!

Getting new fibre optic broadband!!! (Welcome to the rock n roll lifestyle of Mermaid Gossip!) After enduring internet connection problems for the last six months, this fibre optic is a DREAM! And it means my videos upload in 20 minutes instead of three attempts taking hours each. I feel my work productivity increasing massively daily, just got to wait for Christmas to be over before I can get back in to the full swing!

Planning our unexpected extended trip to Bournemouth over Christmas. We were only going to go down for a couple days, but my mum has managed to sorted out borrowing her neighbours house for a few days (it’s a holiday home, no one lives there, that would be weird!) so we think we will be going down a lot earlier and making the most of it.

Getting on with some mundane admin (like clearing up my mac book files) that has been on the to-do list forever. There’s always something more exciting to be doing but as things are a little quieter, it feels like a good time to have a clear out.

Heading out tonight to Ashton Court in Bristol with the Hollywood themed photo booth to my last christmas party before the big day itself. After tonight I consider myself off for christmas, aside from the usual blogging and filming YouTube videos which never feels like work!




All the Stuff!

Usually I would break my Things I Love Thursday link love list into my usual sections, but as there’s only a week to go, I am going to throw caution to the wind and mix it all up and give you one long bumper list. To keep you busy with blogs to read and videos to watch, whilst your willing the days away until Christmas.

Thinking Ahead: Keeping your photos in order for 2015 (I have been working on this with the clean up of my mac, using Dropbox to store my entire library of photos and design work so I can clear up my laptop and update the software ready for 2015)

10 Things I Learned in 2014

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid 

Fellow Glitterati member Laughing Medusa talks tattoos.

What I Wore: Good Vibes Only – I love Kaylah’s choice of locations for her outfit posts, I need to find me some key shoot locations and get out more!

How to make your own Photo Soap (A great idea for a personalised christmas gift!)

Wana join #blogclub?

DIY Christmas light leggings

Looking for presents for your pet?

Best Soap & Glory Offer this Christmas – It’s on my list!

♥ Wise Words – What’s your choice today?

On working in partnership with friends

Gifts for Brothers

15 gifts for £15 and under

Thrift Shopping in San Fran


Video of the Week



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