Things I Love Thursday // Feeling Inspired and Positive

Wow, where has the week gone!? Ok so I actually didn’t get back in the shed office until Tuesday but boy did I get a lot done. I love going away, but strangely I love coming back to work feeling inspired and positive and raring to go, even more! Sure, I was a little overwhelmed by all the emails I had to answer and to do list to power through, but my mind was full of all the things I wanted to do and I have been so productive all week.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

I feel incredibly thankful to have such incredibly supportive friends and blogger babes (you know who you are) this week when I was faced with my first internet trolling (Yes, I have officially made it now! lol). Karma is a bitch when a disgusting bout of negativity is flipped on it’s ass and turned in to something too positive for words. I seriously felt more love this week than ever before.

Powering through my to do list like superwoman would if she was around in the twenty first century.

Having my nails done at Kaycie’s and having the best set yet #unicorn #galaxy nails… Of course, there’s a video tutorial coming soon!

Trying something new with my hair after it faded almost back to blonde.

I am looking forward to seeing Jess and Emily, and Helen for lunch in Wales today.

Launching advertising on the blog, do you have a product to promote to awesome babes? Or are you a super blogging chick wanting to support others? ( I do swapsies to y’know!)

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - Things I Love Thursday


Business & Blog Stuff

Five tips to help you have a more productive tomorrow

Nine ways to build your business if you’re an introvert

Are you thinking about starting to sell something alongside your blog?


Fun Stuff

I love these lace tambourine DIY, I might make some to hang in the shed.

I loved reading Lynsay’s I heart Instagram Tag which Alexis created – I’ll be doing mine soon too!

I saw Pony Chops Pug Love post which was so adorb, but I had to share one for the big dog lovers, since I have one of each it was only fair!


Style & Beauty Stuff

The autumn is rolling in, you will need some tips how to get prepared for the colder weather.

I have spoken with Megan about her AMAZING hair before but I loved this insight in to her hair growth story.

I love Gala’s pick for the autumn season that’s rolling in, right up my street! (THAT JACKET!)

Mermaid Gossip - Bristol Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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