Things I Love Thursday // Family Camping

This week we have been camping at Highlands End Holiday Park in Bridport with my little family, Brad, Logan and Puggy. We arrived to our coastal cliff side campsite in torrential rain and winds on Monday afternoon, and were met with several other tents already ruin by the elements. Brad and I looked at each other and sarcastically and toyed with the idea of turning around and heading home! But instead we took a deep breath, took the dogs along the pebbly beach for a walk in the rain and prepared our plan of action for erecting the tent in the blustery weather. Luckily by the time we had walked just a short way along the beach, the horizon was looking a lot clearer and we decided to make the most of the window of clear skies and get the tent up, quick style. No longer than we had put the last tent peg in had the heavens heavens opened again.


Our first night was needless to say a restless one with the tent being battered solidly for the entire night, we barely got a wink of sleep, but luckily that was the worst of it and since then we have had some drizzle on and off but the nights have been quiet which means we have had a good nights sleep ready for lots of walking in the day.


Things I Love Thursday

Starting the holiday off with a weekend full of friends fun and filth with Fenner, (my best friend the bride) Helen and Dani (my fellow bridesmaids) for bridesmaid dress shopping in Bristol.

Having a week off with the family with limited social media access (by choice!)

Walking with the dogs, on the beach, through the forest around the Dorset towns.

Starting on Orange is the New Black, were hooked. I have been reluctant to start since I know what I’m like on binge watching on Netflix when I get hooked but as we have the week of it seemed the perfect time.

Meeting up with Mum and Grandma and getting some lovely birthday gifts.

Spending last night with our yearly holiday buddies Kat and Nick for WAY too much Chinese and sofies (sofa selfies, obvs!)

Reconnecting with my DSLR taking lots of photos with Brad and the pooches. Can’t wait to share with you next week.

The fact the weather has been kind to us considering the forecast.

Swimming in the lush indoor swimming pool here in Bridport.

I posted this Mermaid post a year ago, it came up on my timehop app, maybe there is just mermaid in the air this time of year.



Business & Blog Stuff

I am very excited that blogging buddy, Lily has moved over to my side of town!

5 Essentials of a great Blog 



Fun Stuff

8 questions answered on young marriage

Fellow shed office owner shares her own shed story.

Looking for a cheap get away??

You’ll need to come back tomorrow for this one! 

Think I might give this British Tag a go (tagged or not!)

Oh I could drink this right now!


Style & Design Stuff

Top 5 Bronzers on the high street

I love to fill my home for free and this sign that Vicki picked up is ace!

These sunglasses and shoes, though!

Eeeek, Pug Love!


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