Things I Love Thursday // Exciting new projects for 2015

Good afternoon lovely! How are you this grey Thursday? I have soon much going on in my head, I am struggling to get it down on paper. I have some exciting projects that I want to work on for 2015 and I have so many ideas floating around, I really need to find a system of getting the jumble out of my head. I have been researching ideas and styles for my new project and I find it so hard to see a general overall style that I like, especially when I get swayed so easily with so many different styles. I have never just had one style, I like a combination of styles and it’s tough trying to get that across over three different businesses that cross over, giving each their own identity but also tying them together nicely. Anyway so that’s what I will be working on this afternoon. I am actually going to go and sit down (at my actual desk for a change) and focus, get out my printer and work through a brand audit. I am always evolving as a brand because I am always coming up with new ideas and projects and now that I can see the future, I need to take a step away from my laptop and start looking at things on paper to get a clearer idea of where I want to take all this.

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Things I Love Thursday

♥ Getting flurries of new ideas (although it is very frustrating when you can’t actually action them yet, time will bring action)

♥ Losing a few pounds, well 6lbs since christmas to be precise. My soups and smoothies are paying off and I am not be soon strict on myself, just trying to make healthier decisions where I can and my mind set genuinely seems to be changing. Although I bailed on my Spin class today and opted for a longer walk with the dogs instead. But that’s ok because this week the scales say 12st 10lbs instead of 13st 2lbs so I am happy!

♥ Training with Logan. I have been taking treats EVERYWHERE I take him and working on the “come” command and today he really seems to be getting it. I have been trying to go to places with little distraction until he gets it every time. He’s is doing so well and the bonding is very rewarding. He’s now two and I feel like he is ready to be trained now and walks are no longer as stressful as they have been in the past.

♥ Filming two videos for my You Tube channel where I seem to have nailed the lighting and set up. It’s taken a while to be completely at ease and happy with the outcome of my videos (I am ever critical) but I feel like I have nailed it this week, you can subscribe in the side bar to be notified of when the videos go live this week. Don’t forget, new videos every Monday and Friday’s! There’s a what’s in my handbag vid going live at 8am tomorrow.

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Business & Blog Stuff

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Fun Stuff

10 Magical ways to make the most of Mercury Retrograde.

♥ Filing is fun, learn how to make cute wall pockets.

Happy birthday Stephanie Dreams!

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It’s things like this that DESPERATELY make me want to own a bath!!


Beauty, Style & Design Stuff

♥ I love this DIY Origami wall display!

Kaylah’s outfit post’s are my fav!

♥ I want to give this soft grunge make up tutorial a go.

♥ I need these new real techniques metallics brushes in my life!!




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  1. I’ve been feeling the same lately. Just not enough time to get everything done too. So the past few days I have just been taking one task at a time. Learning how to do YouTube videos has been fun but insane at the same time. I have the editing down, but I want to improve on lighting a bit more. I also need to figure out how I can add music…blah blah. I love that you are coming into your own with your channel. I love it and look fwd to watching it every week :) xox

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