Things I Love Thursday // 8 Best Business Bits

Hey gorgeous! How you doing this grey Thursday? It’s miserable out there, sods law really as it’s my day to walk the dogs at lunchtime. I have been teased over the last couple of days with the glorious sunshine we have had. I really felt like spring was on it’s way, but I was mistaken. I am sure I am not the only one, but every year around this time, I am more than ready for some warm sun on my skin and in my mind. I am ready to get out the house and start being out doors again.

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Discovering some new music to listen to, I have had Taylor Swift on repeat in the car since Christmas and recently I have been listening to Meghan Trainors new album. I have been dancing around the house cleaning to it, it’s very catchy. I have also just started listening to the Fifty Shades of Grey sound track which I feel may actually be better than the film..?

♥ Picking up some new design projects with fellow bloggers. Designing is probably my favourite element of my job but it comes in waves, amongst everything else, so I am always glad to get my hands on a new design project.

♥ Having a hair crisis and looking at lots of different ideas of how to spice up my hair. You may think that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say coming from someone with pink/purple hair. But I am bored of it. After three years of being fifty shades of pink, I feel like I want a change.

♥ Making so much more effort to spend time with Brad, we have been doing date nights all over the place and I am really enjoying spending more quality time with him.

♥ Eating pancakes, some with lemon and sugar, some with ratatouille, some with cheese, any pancake will do!

♥ Working on a new crowdfunding project with Fundsurfer for Fishee Designs Photo Booth. I have huge dreams for my company and I am seeking further acceleration growth funding to grow the business to new heights this year. Will you be kind enough to support me in my venture? The project should be going live early March so watch this space for more info.

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I usually share a selection of my fav reads across various categories. But this week, I have really been focused on my business which means, I have naturally been drawn to more blog and business specific posts. I love being inspired by others out there who are also in a similar situation as me. I have also really felt the need for some motivational blogs this week.


 Mermaid Gossip Business Stuff

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