Things I Love Thursday // Best Bristol Bloggers and Blog Club

This week has been such a great inspiring and productive week. I have met the best Bristol bloggers at blog club and I have exciting news regarding the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World.

Bristol Blog Club is a place for local bloggers to go and meet like minded people, eat cake and pizza (in no particular order!) and get tips and advice on all things blog related. This month it was held at Trunki HQ which is hands down the most colourful and fun office I have ever been to! Er, they even have a SLIDE from the top, down to the first floor – EPIC!

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Bloggers Blog Club

Things I Love Thursday

Attending #blogclub and meeting some fellow Bristol bloggers, a few I have met before, some who I have connected with on Twitter previously and some new faces who I am excited to build Bristol blogging networks and a community with in the future. She and Hem, Lily Doughball, Briar Rose Blog, Ship Shape Bristol Fashion, Being Little, Bounjour Blogger, Tigerlillyquinn, Black Heart Creatives and Saints on a Plane to name but a few.

Testing out the huge yellow slide at Trunki HQ, I wish I had a slide from my bed to my shed! Huge thanks to Trunki for letting us all have a play!

Selling my first business!!! At the age of 27 I have sold my first business. The Weird and Wonderful Wedding World was a venture that I started with Ali of Bristol Vintage when I first moved to Bristol, which I took through in to its second year on my own. The alternative wedding fair was a concept new to Bristol and one which I was extremely passionate about. But since the launch of Mermaid Gossip, and the growth of Fishee Designs Photo Booth, I just don’t feel like I am able to give it the time and dedication it needs for a third year. I also didn’t want it to cease to exist at all, after building a popular and successful concept. I am so pleased and proud to announce that good friend and fellow wedding industry entrepreneur, Grace Kingsley has taken the reigns for 2015. I know I have passed it on to someone with the brains and balls to achieve the best for the fair and I wish her all the luck, I am sure I will still be involved in some way, hopefully as a dedicated exhibitor!

Having my nails done at Kaycie’s and getting my glitter back on!

Having a huge sort out of the house due to getting a lodger in a few weeks. My entire inside office has moved to the back bedroom, so I had a sort out of all the things I have been hoarding for two years and I can’t believe how much useless stuff I have kept!

Getting a place at Bristol Fashion Week AW14 at Cribbs Mall live blogging event on Friday night. So much Bristol blog stuff this week, I have such good vibes for the future of my blog, it’s exciting times!

Signing up to The Glitteratti by Crown & Glory (finally – it’s been on my to do list since it launched!) Errr, hello I boxing videos every month!!

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Bloggers Blog Club

Business & Blog Stuff

Are you looking for ways to insert your personality in to your blog?

I love the new twitter layout for iPhone but if, like me, you have lost your drafts, no fear they haven’t disappeared, they’re here.

Fun Stuff

 45 Things that will annoy you more than they should

10 weird Beauty Tips that really work

Beauty, Style & Design

 Blogger babe sara from Darling Lovely Life is totally rocking this dartmoor editorial style photo shoot.. What total babes!

I love this “empties” post, I love the concept and I’m never one to finish products before moving on but when I do it normally means I have truely loved said product, what do you think, would you like to see and empties post from me!?

Megan and Grant are the cutest couple I know and their one year anniversary shoot is totally dreamy, I am in love with the sparkles, the gold, the lights, THAT dressing table, the all around beauty, and mostly how it totally sums them up so well! Too cute for words!!

Some things Tigerlillyquinn is loving? I’ll second every one.. Especially that ochre knitted cushion! I went in to Asda Living yesterday but must have missed so I’ll be ordering that online for sure!!

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Things I Love Thursday // Home Styling & Fun DIY’s

Good Morning Gorgeous, How has your week been? My brain has mostly been obsessed with getting our house sorted this week. We had some family over for dinner on Tuesday eve so from the moment I stepped back through the door after my weekend away, I was dead set on getting sorted and having a huge tidy up. I also have a few plans in the pipeline for some restyling of our house, and there’s more on that tomorrow with a new style of post coming up which I am very excited about.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Getting a new Emperor size bed, thats 7ft, FOR FREE off of Gumtree on Sunday night, it’s so comfortable!

Getting healthy on Monday, sadly I have been too busy to keep it up all week but I hope to have time for a bike ride or walk later today.

Autumn cleaning, I swear you don’t realise how messy something is until you start cleaning, it’s like opening up a can of worms!

Seeing my Aunty Juilette and Cas for dinner on Tuesday, I can’t believe it’s been over a year! Note to self: MUST make more time for friends and family.

Spending 9-5 on Wednesday out of the office at Oxford Brookes with the Photo Booth for the Freshers Fair, I felt like I was back in a proper job again and it was quite re-FRESH-ing!

Getting an invite to London from my dude, Laura Power. We are off to London tomorrow to see a fashion photography talk, and a general mooch around. I am looking forward to taking lots of photos for the blog next week.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday

Business & Blog Stuff

I am looking forward to reading the entire series on Creative Careers, this week there’s advice on how to be a features writer.

If you are just starting a business, or even been going for a few years, this is a must read! 

Fun Stuff

How to create a simple side braid.

♥ I am thrilled to see some of my fav YouTubers are crossing over and making their way to the mainstream on Radio 1, I feel like these guys are setting the way for so many younger people who can now aspire to so many more diverse careers. I love that the internet opens up so many opportunities to earn money in different ways than ever before.

♥ I have been printing photos for the wall this week, but this is such a great idea to pop on the coffee table. Get Instagram out of your phone and in to an album!

♥  My business Fishee Designs Photo Booth has been featured on Rock n Roll Bride, and Nubby Twiglet’s blog.

♥  Glitter Confetti Dipped Balloons – YES PLEASE!

Style & Design Stuff

This desperately makes me want to rip up the carpet on my stairs and get the paint out!

♥  The comprehensive guide to pink hair


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Things I Love Thursday // A Very Kitsch Shed

There is a lot to love this week, first and foremost, is my shed… It is now (almost) fully decorated and I am currently sat in my pink gingham fireside armchair with puggy on my lap. Surrounded with white wooden walls and kitch pastel teal and pink canvasses up and pink rose fairy lights twinkling around me… I even picked up a teak fold down table from a junk furniture shop and have half covered it in pink floral sticky back plastic (I didn’t work out how much I needed so I need to go and get somemore and hope that they have the same pattern!) This is finally my perfect work area! There’s still lots I want to do with it such as have a bit more furniture, some shelving or something to store a few bits and pieces. I need a floor lamp for working in to the evening and possibly a heater for the colder winter months that feel like they are closing in. Aaand there is a few finishing touches to made to the paint work around the doors and windows, but I was so eager to get in here, I just couldn’t wait to start work any longer! I think it may even be a space that Brad and I can sit of an evening enjoying the view, with some dinner and wine!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Things I Love Thursday

Decorating my shed inside and out, my office is finally in use.

 Of course, launching my new Mermaid Gossip website and getting some great feedback.

 Covering my fireside armchair myself, saving £400 if I had have got someone else to do it, it is by no means perfect but it will do me and my shed.

 Discovering this Wifi Extender existed to allow me to work at the end of the garden with no trouble with a dropping internet connection.

 Getting back in to my jeans, this actually happened last week but I think I forgot to mention it, I am officially a stone lighter than I was in January! Wuhoo! Go me!

 Spending time catching up with Grandma over the weekend

 Being back in Bournemouth and realising how much I miss the beach, especially now I have Puggy, we went for at least four beach walks over Saturday and Sunday to make the most of it!

 Spending last night with Brad in the shed, eating a lovely meal that he cooked, and making 90s nostalgic playlists on Spotify and blasting music out of the Basscase until midnight last night! So much fun.

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Blog & Business Stuff

 If you are looking for some blogging inspiration, The Blogcademy have release four more Home School videos to help.

 Are you so busy you are burning out? I was there just a few weeks ago, put things in perspective, dude!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

Fun Stuff

 I love all the treasures that The Dainty Squid has collected from the beach, just makes me wish I was still living near the beach even more!

 All the celebs are doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge and donating money to a great cause, but this one Katy Perry did is brilliant!

 HAHAHA! These perfectly timed doggy photos are just brilliant!

Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday A Very Kitsch Shed4

 Style and Design Stuff

 I am so excited to see more of Kelly Osbourne’s new range – Stories

 How cute is Megan’s Blogstock festival outfit – I hope there will be a round two of this festival so I can go next year!

 Did you see my post yesterday featuring my new Mermaid nails? – Here’s some more cute nail designs.

 Eeeeek and these space cat designs are too cute for words!

 I love this Japanese street style, makes me want to go to Japan!

 I really want to try some of these awesome colour contact lenses for some of my outfit posts in the future.

 I am huge fan of doing and making things for free or almost free, this is such a great way to save £s on a new bed!


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