Hey GIRLBOSS!! Are you ready to get the gossip to take your online business to the next level!? If you’re a blogger or online business boss in need of help and support, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to #GIRLBOSSGOSSIP, a online lesson library for you mermaid’s out there that want to be a girlboss and need the goss on how to do that. This space is for those of you that are just starting out or need a little help along the way. #GIRLBOSSGOSSIP provides you with all kinds of EXCLUSIVE help and advice on all things online business.

#GIRLBOSSGOSSIP is a monthly membership in which you get access to ALL the existing lessons in ALL the categories. The course provides you with comprehensive video lessons, along with free downloads and helpful tips and advice.


#GIRLBOSSGOSSIP is an online library of personable, colourful, and stylish video classes to help take your online business to the next level.

Why should I listen to you?

Emily from Mermaid Gossip has grown two successful businesses over the past six years, along with curating many successful industry projects, not to mention launching this lifestyle blog and ever growing youtube channel. Emily has learned a LOT over this time, has built several websites, designed many brands for small businesses, built an ever growing blog community and achieved over 50k youtube subscribers in a year.

“I have taken many long cuts over the years, explored so many different options to find the quickest way to do a variety of things. I have built up such a varied skill set and knowledge base and I want to share that with you in a cool and colourful manor, and in a way that you can follow and feel like I’m giving you a personal lesson!”

How to I Get Access?

You can join the #GIRLBOSSGOSSIPGANG by subscribing to the #GIRLBOSSGOSSIP. The monthly subscription gives you access to a whole range different videos and written lessons, covering a variety of topics from photography gossip, blogging gossip, youtube gossip, branding gossip, or organise your gossip!

What have the rest of the #GIRLBOSSGOSSIPGANG got to say?

“Oh amazing! You are becoming an online life saver! I am just in chaos online at the moment, trying to manage 3 businesses, on so many different platforms.”

“I am finding your videos so helpful! So thank you!!”

“You are completely awesome! I have never seen this prior, and I want to thank you for bringing clarity to my thoughts. I will be using your tips. thank you so much again.”

“This was so awesome and helpful! I’ve been on YouTube a while and my channel really took a hit when I took time off. Thank you for posting this I’m going to use your tips great info!”

I am absolutely loving the #girlbossgossip and have recommended it to a couple of friends who have asked me for advice on starting their blogs. I just point them in the direction of you!! Awesome series.”

I find your way of conveying the info really spot on and easy to understand which saves me time from having to google and sift through. A massive bonus when I’m wrangling my seven month old baby,  nine year old and a twelve year old. The first GirlbossGossip vid I watched had so much useful info in it that, in my opinion, it was worth the £5.99 alone!”

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