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You may have seen a little while back that I introduced my new shop, launching the new service with a few of my own designs for digital downloads. I love designing and having a proper shop on the site allowed me to have a reason to get creative and share my designs, as more of a hobby, and an outlet for my creativity. I didn’t just want a space to share my own work though, there are some fantastic designers out there, big and small that are awesome. I wanted to create a collective space, sharing with you, all of the things I love. I want Mermaid Gossip to be a source of colour and inspiration for your whole life. A place where you can come and not only be inspired by the blog, but to have a carefully curated shop, where you can get your hands on a whole range of amazing stuff for all aspects of your colourful life.

To launch the updated shop feature on Mermaid Gossip, I have hand picked some of my very favourite designers to feature a select range of products. I aim to keep adding products as I discover them, and I will be curating new themes every few months to keep your life updated with all the coolest stuff. Are you an independent designer that would like to be featured on the shop? If you think your products, and your brand would fit in well with our style, then please get in touch.

It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s stylish, it’s mobile responsive, it’s awesome,

Shop Your Summer with Mermaid Gossip





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