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Last night I went to an exclusive preview of the new Homesense at Cribbs Causeway. I’ve always been a fan of Homesense and it’s eclectic mix of homewares. They have some wonderfully quirky and amazingly stylish bits, it’s like an aladdin’s cave of treasures. You never know what goodies you might find!

I always find this time of year is when I start to restyle my home and update the decor. Since I work from home and spend a lot of time here, I love to have a stylish space to inspire me. Over the next few months, I have lots of home decor planned, but last night I picked up some new bits to add to my pink metallic office space.

How I Created A Pink Metallic Office Space

Homesense have the best collection of metallics in at the moment, a lot of which fit perfectly with my pink colour scheme. Throughout the summer, I’m all about the brights, but with autumn in the air I’m definitely veering towards more muted tones. I just can’t get enough copper and gold. It’s no secret that I love anything copper but I’ve started to add in some gold and I love the contrast.

I could have bought the entire shop, but I walked the aisles trying to keep one space in mind, namely my office. Recently  I set up a ‘proper’ office – if you’re a long time reader, you’ll know I’ve tried many spaces in my home to call my office. I probably say this every time, but this little corner of my dining room is just perfect. I have a proper sized desk, and legit office chair (I’ll do a full video tour soon!) and I was just lacking a bit more pretty and some storage solutions.

Last night I picked up, two different size boxes in gold and copper. These inspirational quotes for the wall – an office wouldn’t be complete without these, right?! And I couldn’t resist the cutest little starfish dish, I think it’s supposed to be for the bath room but I think it fits in rather perfectly in my office.


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  1. Reply
    Elaine Croft - September 22, 2016

    Awww loving your office space! I did look at those boxes too, so pretty! My desks looks so bare now though haha… think I need to add some quotes to the wall too! Thanks for sharing, hopefully say hello properly at the next event :D

  2. Reply
    Chloe Davis - September 22, 2016

    Gorgeous picks – those boxes really work with the room!
    Was lovely to see you as always!

    Chloe Mary Davis |

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