It is a special few weeks over here at Mermaid Gossip HQ, first up, today this blog turns 2! When Mermaid Gossip was born I felt like I was complete, like i’d found my place in life and things just keep getting better and better. It’s also my 30th birthday at the end of the month so I am stepping my game up, big time!

In a time frame that equates to a little over a year, I’ve seen my youtube channel grow from 2000 subscribers to almost 55k subscribers. It’s completely insane and I feel like I’m on my way to making my dreams come true.

subscriber party 2

It sounds like such a cliche but I love the community that I’ve created. Hopefully, one full of colour, fun, creativity and body positivity. I totally appreciate everyone that comments on all my videos and people that I now get to chat to on a regular basis!


So I wanted to say thank you, pay back and also set a new goal! Check out the video to find out what it is!

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