Tuesday Treasures // Autumn Winds

Watching the AW14 catwalk at Cribbs on Friday, got me a little perplexed. Although I had a fab time, the colour pallet for the autumn, was typically, well autumn (obvs!). For me reds and oranges aren’t usually colours that make it in to my wardrobe, Orange maybe, but reds, certainly not. I spent a lot of time in reds and oranges when I had red hair back in 2012 and although it worked back then, it reminds me of a time when things weren’t all that great for me (sitting in the shop, alone waiting for a customer, any customer to come in!). It is just not a pallet that I find works for me, for so many reasons. So I figured, I can’t be the only one that has this problem, so I have set myself the challenge to do Autumn from the pink spectrum and see what I could make work for you for some alternative outfit inspo!

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You can find all the items above and lots more of my favourite Autumn selections below, just click on the product to find out more!

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