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I wore this nineties girl band OOTD to meet up with my blogger squad last week. The girls and I met up over at Longwell Green for some yummy food and drinks for the evening. We wanted to fill our bellies before watching Bridget Jones’s Baby at the cinema. To kick things off, we went to Chiquito’s for a few cocktails and some nibbly bits, before moving on to Pizza Hut for our mains. We shared a few pizzas and milkshakes for dessert, but we were all so full up from the starters, that we struggled to finish the pizza.


I have to say, I don’t very often think of Longwell Green as somewhere to go for an evening, but they actually have a pretty good selection of food outlets, free parking and the cinema. We were all super excited to go and see Bridget Jones’s Baby at the Vue cinema, needless to say none of us opted for any popcorn since we were so full up from dinner.

I laughed out loud at the film from the opening credits through to the end. When the film was over and we left, my cheeks were actually aching. It was the funniest film I’ve seen in a long time, but with a dash of emotion thrown in for good measure. It actually even tugged on my womb strings, which is rare!


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