Good afternoon my little mermaids!! I have some exciting things to share with you today. You may have seen I’ve had a shop on my site for a while now. Most of the products up to now, have been products that I love, and have wanted to share from external suppliers (affiliate links). It has always been my intention since I launched, to fill it with lots of my own designs, since that’s what I’m most passionate about, and what I do as part of my businesses. I have been so busy over summer that I’ve not had time to tick this off the to do list. Now that summer is over and I have a few months where I’m not travelling the country busy with the photo booth, I have some time to make the changes on my site that I have been thinking about for a while.

Mermaid Gossip Design Blog Shop

I have wanted to combine my design business with posts on the blog for a long time but it’s just never felt like the right time, until now. Over the last week or so, I have been pottering away with tweaking my layout, removing my side bar, designing new products for the shop, curating new blog helpful blog posts and setting up a members zone for exclusive content. I’ve decided to introduce much more helpful content on all topics which I’m personally passionate about and skilled subjects where I feel I can really add value to the blog, and help you guys out. I’ve so many skills and tips that I’ve picked up over the last four years running my own business and blog that there’s just so much I have to share.

mermaid gossip membership

I’ve added some new seasonal social media icon packs to the shop to kick things off. There will be more blog design elements coming very soon too, along with the other digital prints that are already listed in the shop. You can head over and pick yours up now from £3, but if you sign up to be a Mermaid Gossip Member and become part of my world, you’ll receive 100% discount on all downloadable products in the shop until the end of September, I know crazy right!? So why not sign up to my new members group, where you’ll not only receive a special limited 100% discount, you’ll also receive a life time 10% discount on all digital products, you’ll get access to lots of exclusive helpful content on the blog and much more which I’ll be releasing more info on over the next few weeks.

It’s all very exciting, and I hope you’ll join me, your first month is FREE too so you’ve nothing to lose, then after that, it’s only £2.99 a month.



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