Over the last four weeks since January, I have been having the reduce by vanquish treatment at EF Medi Spa in Bristol. Inch lost treatment that permanently destroys fat cells.
It uses a multi polar radio frequency that heats up the water molecules causing apoptosis (fat cell death) the toxins are then released through the lymphatic system passing through the kidneys and liver. – this is why it’s so important to drink plenty of water and exercise to flush away toxins easily. The key point for vanquish is there there is no down time, people can have the treatment and walk out the same day. Great kick start for people wanting to loose weight. Getting holiday ready, any special occasion, weddings, birthdays!
Whilst having vanquish it is very important that you do have a balance heathy diet and a good exercise routine. Remember that muscle weighs heather than fat so whist exercises if you standing on the scales and the pounds arnt going down as much as you like its because your gaining muscle. This is why is so important to take progress photos.
We recommend a minimum course of 4 having a treatment every 10-14 days.

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