I really feel like I am nailing my everyday make up game these days. To think less than two years ago, I barely used any make up and was a total novice with my range of make up products. Over the last year I have really broadened my knowledge of what products work for my skin and have worked on my technique. I’ve trialled so many different products when it comes to foundations and highlighters, that I feel like now I’ve found the A Team.

My Everyday Make Up Routine Beauty Vlog Beauty Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog

I honestly never thought I’d find a foundation that I loved so much that I’d buy over and over, until I tried the sheer glow by Nars. I originally made the mistake of trying their newer weightless foundation, which I didn’t get on well with. I knew all the great things I had heard about Nars, couldn’t be untrue so I am so glad I went back to try the Sheer Glow because it’s the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin. Most of the other foundations I have tried just go cakey on my skin, I have real trouble finding a good colour match and a good consistency but I don’t think I’ll ever convert to anything else now.

My Everyday Make Up Routine Beauty Vlog Beauty Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog

Another product I am really loving atm is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. I have real trouble with my eye bags at the moment, it’s my one major hang ups, and they seem to be getting worse by the day, so I am trying all the creams under the sun to battle them. I’ve tried all the concealers to cover up but this has to be the best so far. I love the furry little sponge applicator, you can squeeze as much or as little and gently brush/sponge it on. I find less is more and build it up gradually. It has a great finish and rarely goes cakey unless you pile it on too much.

My Everyday Make Up Routine Beauty Vlog Beauty Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog

Lastly, LIP LINERS ARE THE WAY FORWARD!!!! I am seriously obsessed with my Mac Plum lip liner. It’s the perfect brown shade and I love how a lip liner gives the perfect matte and it has fantastic staying power. It also gives you so much more precision that a lipstick, I also get a smudgy bit on the corners of my mouth with a lipstick but not with a lip liner. You can always top it up with a bit of your fav dark lippy over the top, sometimes I do that if I want a bit of shine and moisture.

Also, that make up bag!!!! It’s ALL about the BROWS!!

I made a video of my every day make up routine, this is probably my most basic routine and the minimum I’d wear when I go to the effort of doing my make up as opposed to having a naked face.  You can watch the video below.


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