Mermaid Tales // Primark Haul, YouTube Filming, and Bedroom Styling

Good Afternoon lovers! How was your weekend? Did you have a productive one? Or maybe a productively lazy? lol. I decided after a few busy weeks to take some time out for myself on Saturday. I got up, got shower and dressed (shock horror, yup that actually happened!) and headed to Cabot Circus to go and indulge in some retail therapy. It’s been sooooooooo long since I last went shopping (apart from the necessary food shops!) and it was definitely needed. I had planned to go to Boots and invest in some new make up, and then to Primark for some clothes. But I went straight to Primark, and then my bank balance was in shock a little and decided I had better just go home and let it recover somewhat! You can see my huge haul here:

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a bubble of youtube videos, one after the other. I filmed three in total and naturally my Primark one came first so I could get it all out the bag and try everything on. I won’t spoil the others for you, you will have to wait to find out what they are. Have you subscribed to my channel to keep up to date?

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If you follow my social media, you *may* have seen me tweeting about the crowdfunding project that went live over the weekend? I have set the project up for my business Fishee Designs Photo Booth, to grow the business further. It’s been an amazing couple of years but there’s so much more I want to do with it so if you can help by investing or sharing the project on your social media, that would be great. You can read more about the project here.

In advance of this all going through, I have pulled in some help from my lovely other half, Brad. Who spent the entire day on Sunday out in his work shop updating the aesthetics of the booth. I wanted to make it smaller, more condensed and just all round better. He told me to leave him to it (so he could listen to talk sport and have no distractions!) so I did a bit of shopping at The Range in the morning, and hunted high and low for some new curtains for our bedroom to give it a little update. Finally after looking in about five places, I found the perfect set in Home Bargains of all places, and they were indeed, a bargain!

I decorated the one wall that Brad has been hanging on too, insisting he liked the wallpaper, but enough was enough. The rest of the room had been updated so much the dusky teal and gold print wallpaper no longer fitted with my white and colour popping bedroom styling so I painted it! My bedroom is still not exactly how I want it but it’s a work in progress and each time I update it I love it a little bit more!



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