Mermaid Tales // Decorating and Drunken Debauchery

Is it Monday already?! I don’t feel like have even stopped to take a breath since last weeks mermaid tales! I have been up to my eye balls in paint all week and late on Friday afternoon, I finished my newly decorated living room (this was my inspiration). The entire week of intense manual labour was topped of with a bright pink cherry on top when the Bespoke Bride girls, Jess and Em, Megan and Sophie came to stay on Friday night.

Jess and Em cooked us a lovely prawn curry, we drank soooo much wine, celebrated lots of good news, drunkenly walked to tesco at midnight, gave facials, injured toes, hyper danced to Shake It Off, discussed general girly stuff and had a merry old time!

You may have read my Things I Love Thursday, and will be expecting the “Week in the Life Of…” vlog to prove all my hard work, well here is Part 1 (below), Part 2 & 3 will be following tomorrow and Thursday, and there’s my Crown & Glory Unboxing video going live on Wednesday – yup in all the madness I still had time to film and edit two Youtube videos last week – Go me! (Did you see my Home Haul that went up on Friday?)


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