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Friday was exciting! I spent the day with Megan and Lily at Bristol Fashion Week at the Mall Cribbs Causeway. We were on the Bloggers list for the live blogging event at 5pm but we decided to head over early to have a browse of the shops and grab some food. We picked up our blogger passes and a Starbucks and the received a call from Gina, the PR lady, who wanted to film us for the Mall TV which would follow up Bristol Fashion Week.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

We found a pretty spot to take some outfit photos, it’s great to be able to team up with Megan to take photos. It’s a darn sight easier than running back and fourth from a camera on a tripod! We frolicked around the fountains and sat in the deck chairs waiting for the pavillion to open for pre-show refreshments.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

Having never been a regular at any fashion shows, I didn’t really know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. The show was a piece of theatre, really lively and a mix of dancing and traditional catwalk struts up and down the runway. All the bloggers in attendance spent most of the time tweeting away, you can see the #hashtag here for all the insights. I saw most of it from the back of my camera, but I made a little video for you to see what we got up to if you missed it!

Since then, my entire weekend has mostly consisted of prepping for this week, my week of home decor, with a photo booth booking sandwiched in between. Brad went away to work in France last night (it’s alright for some) and took Logan with him, so Puggy and me have the week to ourself, and the humongous task of giving my living room a total over haul. Most people hire in help for this size of decorating task, I have just pulled in a few favours to help me move the heavy stuff and for a bit of painting.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

It only occurred to me on Thursday, that not only have I taken on this huge task, but I also have the girls coming to stay on Friday for a blogger night of wine and food, so no pressure, I just need to get the whole house back in some kind of order before then, and hold down my job and blogging schedule. Nothing like a deadline to kick things in to gear! I am off to hire a floor sander!


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