London Baby, yeah!

London Baby Yeah Mermaid Gossip Fashion Blogger

London Baby Yeah Mermaid Gossip Fashion Blogger

London Baby Yeah Mermaid Gossip Fashion Blogger

Good morning lovely, how are you today? Whoop the sun is shining again today, this makes me happy. Although wasn’t it a warm night last night, I really struggled to sleep and i’ve been waking up in a hot sticky mess. It reminds me of a very muggy trip to London around this time last year. Laura Power and took the mega bus from Bristol to London and whilst it wasn’t *that* sunny, it was a particularly muggy and close all day.

I started the day with some lovely loose curls but with all this hair, I just can’t deal with it warming my neck up further, so I stuck it back in to a lose chignon. We had tickets to go and see Tim Walker at the V&A but we also stopped by the National History Museum to make the most of being in London.

Whilst we were trying to cool off outside the Natural History Museum, after our three hour sweaty bus ride, Laura snapped a few photos of me. I feel like i’m looking a bit dishevelled but Laura takes such a good photo regardless of the (sweaty) subject. It was a bad idea to wear the biggest pleather skirt on the hottest day but I do love that skirt.

 What I Wore

Muscle Tee – Primark SS14

Pleather Skirt – Sainsbury SS14

Sunglasses – Primark SS14

Tres Cool Bag – H&M



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    Kaylah - July 21, 2015

    Emily! These photos are so cute! Your hair color is perfection right now.

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