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This week I would like to introduce a special new voice to my little space on the tinterweb. Please all welcome Lizzie from fashion and lifestyle blog, Lizaboo. Lizzie lives in Peterborough, after completing a Fashion Diploma and going on to work within the Beauty Industry for 5 years, she has spent most of her time writing, talking and breathing fashion and beauty.On Lizzie’s blog, she shares with you those passions as well as the little knowledge she has picked up along the way. Today Lizzie is going to talk to you about how she found her dream job with the help from her blog.


The Dream Job With A Blog

I’ve always seen my blog as a little part of me. (Like my online baby.) It’s full of my opinions and the things I love. But never did I see it as an essential tool for gaining a new job. That was until last year when I was on the job hunt and I was told that my blog was the one element that set me apart from the other candidates. (*Fist punches the air*) Of course this was great news, but also very daunting, as every interview I went to felt like an episode of The Apprentice. So knowing that I was up against some tough critics I made it my mission to bag my dream job with a little help from my blog. Learning so many skills through simply promoting my blog meant I had a few tricks up my sleeve that I could implement to gain a job.

Research Like A Pro

A good blogger always researches their content, so rather than go on all the typical recruitment websites I used twitter search. As well as finding positions, this also gave me a great insight into what some of these companies are all about. A little social stalking meant I could find out about the team culture and what their customers think of them. (You can’t hide from twitter.)

Once I had decided on a company that I liked I started to get involved with their twitter conversations and interact with them.  This is a great little tip I found from this video, which says finding common ground with future colleagues will gain you a foot in the door.

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Post To Impress

Putting ourselves out there as bloggers is always through the form of online. Everyone sends emails as it’s now the new norm. But as we all know there are some days where our inboxes are over spilling and it seems like too much of a task to even tackle. So don’t waste your time emailing in the hope of a quick response. You’ll be just another number in a very popular inbox. The good old fashioned postal way can helped me into the hands of the recruiter and make an instant impression. With a written CV, a little pack of Harribo and a branded USB stick like these , containing pieces of my work and articles from my blog. I packed it all into a brightly coloured envelope and sent it off to the decision maker. It’s was an investment and a lot of risk, but showing that I was happy to think outside the box was a great way to win some brownie points.

Get Busy With It

Once I had put myself out there I made sure that I was posting regularly on my blog, even with articles that would be relevant to my future job. I had really pushed my blog on my CV and USB stick, so I had to make sure that when they went to have a little nose, I could live up to the hype that I’d set myself. Showing my expertise in a particular field meant I could keep showing them just what I could do. It’s incredible to think how using the skills I had learnt from blogging could be put into practice for a job hunt.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of the blog!



Bristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid Gossip

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