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A few weeks back, Alexis from Strange and Charmed AKA Miss Trenchcoat, tagged me to do the I Heart Instagram Tag which she created. I love instagram and am a little obsessed with it to say the least so I was very excited to do this tag, I have also filmed it so if you would just like to watch my answers then please skip to the bottom of the post!

What’s your instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?


What are your favourite #hashtags?

 #dogsofinstagram #instapuppy #mermaid #unicorn #love #crownandglory

What is your favourite genre of photos?

 Lifestyle, Colourful, Fashion

How often do you post?

 Sometimes, 5 times a day if I am up to something fun, sometimes none, but on average 3 times a day.

How often do you check instagram?

 ALL THE TIME!! Whenever I am not doing anything else!

What’s your fav filter?

 I don’t use any instagram filters, i’m an Afterlight App girl.

Purist or Rebel?

 Rebel – I use all kinds of images on my instagram profile but 90% are taken and edited on my iPhone.

Three fav instagram profiles currently?

 @kategabrielle @melonladybaby @amythemermaidx


You can check out the video below and don’t forget to head on over and give me a little follow!

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