CHROME NAILS by Kaycie Kyle CHROME NAILS by Kaycie KyleKaycie has been going on about this new chrome nails trend for ages, but it wasn’t until I saw it in the flesh that I was properly amazed! I’d seen the hashtag on instagram but the photos just don’t do them justice. It’s insane how people come up with these products, chrome nails are the new nail trend that have already taken over instagram.


It’s basically just a fine silver glitter that you can apply on to any base shade to create a different shade of chrome, from gold to silver and all the rainbows in between. It’s totally different to any polishes out there that claim to be chrome. Polishes are only able to give you a metallic look and it isn’t glitter either. It starts off as a fine glitter but once it’s buffed in, it’s proper chrome. Like your looking into a chrome or copper pole or something! Actual proper CHROME!! Lol Did I mention they’re chrome!?

I originally wanted just gold blingy nails, but for the video purposes, we decided to test several base shades and go in a ombré style across the fingers from gold to silver. We used a yellow base to create the gold, a salmon shade for the rose gold, taupe for champagne, white for a white gold, and pale blue for silver. The darker the base colour the darker the chrome basically.

Check out the video to see how we did it!


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