If you saw my new kitchen last week, you’ll know I’m completely obsessing over pink kitsch kitchen goodness!

Kitsch Kitchen Inspo by Mermaid Gossip

1. Pantone Coffee Mug ♥ 2. Pantone Espresso Cup ♥ 3. Bialetti Expresso Maker ♥ 4. Kate Spade Mug ♥ 5. Kate Spade Tea Towel Set ♥ 6. Drinks are on Me Coasters ♥ 7. But First Coffee ♥ 8. Unicorn Sprinkles ♥ 9. Pink Kitchen Aid ♥ 10.Bodum Cafetierre ♥ 11. Cute Ice Cube Trays ♥ 12.Peace Shopper Bag ♥ 13.New Look Mason Jar ♥ 14.Mermaid Bottle Opener ♥ 15. Water (Vodka) Bottle ♥

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