Fun and Colourful Summer Garden in Bristol

Good morning beautiful! How are you this sunny Monday morning? I feel so kitch right now, I am sat with my morning coffee in my newly sorted and tidy girl shed office in my fun and colourful summer garden in Bristol. I feel like I could be in paradise, the sun is beaming down, I have had to hang one of my floral patchwork blankets over the open doors, to shade my head in the absence of any blinds or curtains yet. The girl shed is in full sun first thing in the morning, but it feels so nice to come straight out from waking up (yup, I am still in my Pjs) grab my black coffee and be straight in the office. I love that the weather allows this little piece of luxury.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Fun and Colourful Summer Garden in Bristol Girl Shed Lblogger


I have had such a fun and summery weekend, I even feel like I had a mini holiday yesterday. I spent the whole of Saturday “working”, and when I say working, I was getting back on my YouTube game after a couple of weeks off. What that actually consists of, is going shopping in the morning (after filming a “First Impressions” video with these new contouring sticks while I got ready for my day in town) to get some summery new goodies, to aid plenty of new summery outfit posts, and so I could film a couple of haul youtube videos.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Fun and Colourful Summer Garden in Bristol Girl Shed Lblogger

I went a bit mad in Primark, but they had so much amazing stuff. I started off with piling lots of clothes in my basket and I made the executive decision to pop downstairs to the home ware section before looking at the top two floors. It went down hill from there really, they have some lovely summery colourful garden accessories in and we all know how obsessed I am with my garden right now. I managed to film two videos when I got home too, a Primark summer clothes haul and I have also finally (after sorting out my girl shed with my new purchases) filmed a garden and girl shed tour which will be up in a couple of weeks.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Fun and Colourful Summer Garden in Bristol Girl Shed Lblogger

Yesterday, I was up early and the weather was glorious. I went straight out to the garden (pallet) sofas to chill out while Brad had a lie in. It was nice to enjoy the early more peace in the sunshine. It was a proper scorcher so when Brad joined me a couple of hours later, we unusually sat there for a while and enjoyed a yummy alfresco breakfast without any rush to get on and do stuff, which is our usual Sunday routine. We deliberated on what to do for the day, with a mention of a picnic, or day out with the dogs, but we decided to stay home and potter about in the garden and make the most of the weather. We popped out to the garden centre to treat ourselves to some flowers and plants for our newly finished garden. Although there’s still a few things left for Brad to do, the majority of all the work is done and flowers were the cherry on the top.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Fun and Colourful Summer Garden in Bristol Girl Shed Lblogger

Late afternoon, Brad was feeling the holiday vibes, and decided to make some cocktails and get BBQ started. After we had eaten, we went for an evening walk in the last of the sunshine with the dogs around the local area. It was so lush, I had such a lovely day. When we got home, all the twinkly lights started come on in the garden at dusk and it had got a little chilly so we decided to call it a night and head inside to end the night in front of the tellybobs. What a perfect weekend, an epic shopping trip, productive work that doesn’t feel like work, and a mini holiday in our own garden. Perfection!




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