I am totally obsessed with getting a hand tattoo at the moment. I have been drawing it on for ages now and each time I change it a little and I have been trying to get it perfect before I take the dive. I think it’s a pretty big decision to get a tattoo on your hand since its so prominent. Most of my family and Brad have all tried to talk me out it, and whilst I’m 80% on getting it done, until I’m 100% with the design I’m holding out.

Free Hand Tattoo Printable Download by Mermaid Gossip

Instead, I decided to create some designs to play around with printing on to tattoo paper to wear to see if I like wearing them everyday. It’s ok drawing it on to experiment, but even with the best permanent maker, it still only lasts a day, and who’s got time to tattoo them self errr’yday!? (plus there’s *some* controversy as to whether drawing on yourself is poisonous or not, I do it all the time and I’m still here but please be careful if you’re going to do it and I can’t be held responsible for how your skin reacts to it!)

Free Hand Tattoo Printable Download by Mermaid Gossip

If you’re worried about the possibility of ink poisoning too, then no fear I have made my designs available for download so it’s probably just best to invest in some tattoo paper and print my designs and use temporary tattoos. To get your hands on the free download, all you have to do is sign up to the Mermaid Gossip members zone, which is free to join and your first month is free too, and it’s only £2.99 there after and since I plan on making this a tattoo download a regular feature there’s nothing to lose, not to mention all the other exclusive content!

I also filmed a tattoo talk video, and you guessed it, I talked about my tattoos, why and when I got them all, and what I plan to get next!

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