Fifties Danish Style Living Room Decor

I have been wanting to do this kind of post since we moved in to our house in Bristol two years ago (almost to the day). We moved in in a bit of a rush, with only 8 weeks to turn a delapitated 1930’s property in to something I was proud to call my home. We thought it would be enough time to get everything up to scratch with all hands on deck, until we had some roofing complications (the whole thing needed replacing!) and Brad spent four weeks on top of the house re doing the entire roof (he’s a clever boy!). So the whole process was pretty rushed and we did what we could (with the small budget we had) to get it to a state that was ready to move in to, we didn’t have a kitchen for three months and that was only finished the week before christmas when our entire family descended apon us.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo


Since then, we have done very little to the interior. We have both been busy with work and getting in to the swing of things with life together, building our family and making memories. Recently I have been getting very frustrated with the state of the house, it’s ok and could be worse but it doesn’t really show off our design style and feels like it is time to start doing all the things I have been planning for two years.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

Brad goes away to work in France in a couple of weeks, so I have decided to take some time off and start to conquer the living room. Currently we have a (fifteen year old hand me down from my old family home) sofa that used to be cream that now looks like a failed tie-dye attempt, since I decided to try and dye the cream covers to a turquoise shade, and a brown leather sofa that we picked up from a charity shop. The hideous (IMO) terracotta carpet was chosen by Brad and his dad the day before I moved in from Bournemouth which is so depressive, I can’t stand it. It’s all a complete mismatch with no real identity with brown-y beige walls and dark brown bookcase wallpaper and needs a complete over haul.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

So, of course I have taken to pinterest to bring my dream alive. I have about a £500 to do the entire room and that includes buying new sofas and some furniture to bring it all in to a theme that we are happy with. Naturally I want all the rooms in our house to be instagrammable(!) and have some real character, teamed with being a creative space that is cosy and comfortable. I have plans to lift the carpet, sand the original 1930s floor boards back. An off-white, grey, mustard yellow, and teal colour palette in mind and G-plan and fifties inspired danish furniture to source. I will be mixing old with new to create my fifties danish style living room.

Fifties Danish Living Room Inspiration

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