I am always on the look out for new beauty techniques and products that are set to revolutionise my face, and I love to experiment with them. I have been looking at ways to improve my brows for a while now. I was booked up to have them tattooed in but for personal reasons, the technician had to cancel the appointment. I was gutted at the time and although I’d still like to try out that as a more permanent solution to my gappy brows, it’s something that needs some research before jumping in, to find the best person for the job.

Eyebrow Extensions Review Mermaid Gossip Beauty Blogger 4

Over Christmas I was watching lots of beauty youtube videos, and I stumbled on this video from professionals, Studio Lash, on eyebrow extensions. I’d previously heard one of the beauticians at Kaycie’s mention it last year, and my initial reaction was that it would look really obvious and I dismissed it and didn’t think any more of it until now. After watching the video, it definitely looked like something I could try out myself so I decided to look in to where I could buy the products and if it was affordable.

this is before any tinting or extensions

Eyebrow Extensions Review Mermaid Gossip Beauty Blogger 4

I found a kit on ebay from 3D Brow Building and found a selection of brow extensions. I went for taupe brown as it looked to be the best match to my natural colour. Before I went ahead with applying them, I had my brows tinted for maximum effect. On first full application (which I also filmed) it was quite a lengthy process and took me around two hours, boy did my hand cramp up after that!

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Eyebrow Extensions Review Mermaid Gossip Beauty Blogger 4

You can check out the video below on exactly how I did it, but I am so pleased with the result. I just can’t believe how natural it looks and how much of a difference it makes, which I think you can see from the before and after photo. The after photo isn’t drawn in at all! It seems like they really only stay properly full for a few days, although if I had the patience I could have gone even fuller with the application (and therefore they’d probably last longer!) but it was quite tedious process.

If you have gappy brows like me, or perhaps you just want to make yours fuller in some areas then these would be perfect. The glue is really strong that comes with it, and the products are only meant for professional use but if you’re careful and practise, you can definitely achieve this look easily enough.


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    Amie - January 11, 2016

    Hi Emily! I loved the video you posted, these brow extensions look fab and would definitely prevent me having to draw my brows in everyday! Although I don’t know if I have the patience to apply them like you did! XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

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    Gigi - April 4, 2017

    Do you know any salons that do this??????

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