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Happy Monday you lovely lot! Did you have a good weekend? I’d love to know, Tweet: @mermaidgossip. I feel like I wasted my weekend a little bit, not for a lack of trying though. On Saturday morning, I woke up wanting to get out and spend some time taking photos. I had a few new places in mind that I wanted to try out, but I decided to go on an abandoned quarry hunt. A few years back I’d seen a friend on Facebook had visited an abandoned quarry just outside of Bristol which look beautiful. I’m fully aware that abandoned quarry’s aren’t places to play but I just wanted to take some photos.

Quarry Hunting and Netflix Fest Bristol Blogger Mermaid Gossip Tytherington Quarry A38 Bristol

Anyway, so I located the quarry but when I got there, new fencing had been installed since my friend had visited last and it was all completely locked up with on site security. Without wanting for it to be a complete wasted trip, I did wonder the premises determined to get a glimpse of the hidden natural beauty. I found a small gap in the trees and fencing a bit further along which I was able to get a couple of shots but I’m not one for law breaking (these days!) and as I was on my own I was a bit scared (what a wimp!) so I didn’t push to get in any further. I did try and go about the visit more legitimately and rang the security company to see if they would let me in just to take a few shots but I got a rude response to which I was then accused of trekking through farmers fields, which I hadn’t, although maybe I did cross the line a little to get these shots.

Kylie Jenner Make upby Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blogger Exploring Abandoned Quarry

So I left feeling annoyed and deflated that I had been defeated which stirred up more determined that one day, I’d be able to talk someone in to letting me in to take those photos. So I came home and slumped on the sofa in front of a film. I watch The Best of Me, on Netflix which, I swear, is more sad than The Notebook, and I bawled my eyes out the whole way through which turned in to full on sobbing at the ending. I won’t ruin it for you but it’s a really well put together film and worth a watch if you have a large box of tissues to hand!

Quarry Hunting and Netflix Fest Bristol Blogger Mermaid Gossip Tytherington Quarry A38 Bristol

I spent Sunday morning enjoying breakfast and trying out some new make up techniques, for a video I want to film, before Brad and I did a bit of window shopping at The Mall Cribbs Causeway yesterday afternoon. We were swooning over all the things in John Lewis we can’t afford to buy (yet, one day I’ll be shopping in there on the regular!) and just having a mooch around. It was really nice actually, getting inspiration for the home and spending time together. When we got back, he slipped away to his man cave to finish off up cycling an old bench we have acquired for the dining room. So, yet again, I endured a Netflix fest and started to watch Pretty Little Liars after hearing such good reviews about it. I started watching at 6pm, it was 3.30am before I moved again and went to bed!!!



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    Lizzy May - August 17, 2015

    I know where you’ve been! You should have popped in for a cuppa. I’ll show you a couple of great hidden places. x

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