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Hey beautiful! Wow two written posts in one week? Who am i!?

I’ve some very exciting news and updates coming your way. You may have seen my last update post where I explained how I felt that my stars have aligned recently with all creative aspects of my business? Well further to that there’s so much more going on. For the past year (and more) I have been working a part time job alongside everything that I do, well at the end of April I am giving that up to go full time with this creative world of mine.

For so long I have been struggling to find the time to do everything I want to with only three “my time” working days a week, hence why I took a step back from writing blog posts to fill my time with creating you tube vids only. I’ve not really had much time to keep my design shop updated and I although I have been just about keeping my head above the water with everything, it’s time something needs to give.

Exciting News and Updates Mermaid Gossip Bristol Designer Photographer Influencer 1It’s a daunting prospect giving up a regular monthly wage which covers all my bills and rent, but there’s just no way I am going to get to the standard I want to be at, without having the time to do it. It’s catch 22, and like they say, the bigger the risk – the bigger the reward. I also feel like because I knew I was getting enough to cover my bills every month, that it was ok to slack off and put in minimal effort where possible because I didn’t have time to do everything so I just didn’t even try sometimes.

I miss expressing my thoughts in blog format, I miss creating design work for the shop and I miss driving the business with the raw passion and *need* to do it to make ends meet.

So I hope you haven’t forgotten all about me, although I’ve still been around on some socials, I feel like my blog has another audience. I also feel like I’ve grown so much in myself and I’m ready to take things to the next level.

I’ve been spending some time this week updating the website to encapsulate the direction I want to focus on and I’m excited to throw myself in full time and give the business a spring clean and update! I hope you can welcome me back with open arms?

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