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I posted on instagram last night, a photo from this collection, and I’ve had such wonderful feedback, so thank you. I’ve touched on my weight a few times in the past, but recently I have genuinely started to embrace my curves and I think you should embrace your curves too.

Of course I have my up and down days, but for the most part, I’m actually starting to love all my wobbly bits. I do think you should love your body for what it is, because it’s completely normal to look the way you do. Unfortunately we’re just not used to seeing normal because we’re overwhelmed with images of “perfection”.

It’s a well discussed point on social media about body shaming and how we’ve all been filled with unrealistic images of woman, and I’m pleased that I’m starting to seeing a change in that. I see many more women taking to instagram with their “real bodies” who are paving the way to make normal (every-day-I-can’t-afford-a-daily-personal-trainer-and-nutritionist) bodies, normal.

I do find it hard to have this discussion without feeling like, because I’m pro wobbly bits, that maybe that means I’m anti slim figures. I think all bodies, in all shapes and sizes are fabulous, unless of course that is impacting on your health, on either end of the weight spectrum, extremes are always going to be dangerous.

I do think we need to get used to seeing more variation in body sizes online to make all sizes “normal”. We are all so used to seeing slim “perfect” bodies that we feel like “perfection” (when in reality are touched up to be completely unrealistic perfection) are the norm.

I have become more confident with my body by taking a lot of photos of myself, and getting used to looking at myself. Of course for most people this is rather narcissistic, but blogging regular outfit posts and even putting myself on youtube in my spanx and looking at myself more and more frequently in slimmer fitting clothes, normalises my body to my own eyes. I challenge you to wear something you wouldn’t usually wear, you don’t even need to leave the house but take more photos of your entire body and stop hiding it out of fear of it.

I actively seek out larger woman who are pro body confidence to follow on instagram now so I have a mixture of body sizes that show up in my feed and genuinely feel like those wobbly bodies are just as beautiful as the slimmer ones. It’s taken me 30 years to realise that no matter what size I am, I can always pick faults, even when I was slimmer I wasn’t always happy with my body. I can genuinely say I’m at peace with my body now and I’m embracing it.

That’s not to say just because you’re happy with the way you are that you can’t still want to be healthier with it. I know I should be doing more exercise still, not for weight loss but for health (mental and physical) reasons I know I’m too lazy/”busy” for my own good. Although I’m happy with my body on the outside, for me a bigger struggle is being happy on the inside which is a whole other story for another time. One step at a time eh!?


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    Lexy Hampton - November 23, 2016

    Love this! I’m kinda plus size (I’m an in between kinda size!) and I think it’s about time we all broke down the rules about what beautiful is and what perfection is – a myth!
    I’m going to take your advice and put my body out there. I’m going to take more photos and show off that my body is as beautiful as any other.
    Here’s to smashing the rules. :-)

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