For so long now I have been working towards achieving my dreams. My dreams have always been fairly open, vague, and changeable to a certain degree, but I’ve always known I wanted to be self employed and be my own girlboss. When I was younger I also always had a “feeling” that I was meant for more, I never knew what that “more” was exactly, I just knew I wanted to make something of my life. I was never one to settle for second best.

I feel like I’m on my way, I have achieved so much (and yet so little) but I feel like there’s so much more to give. To a certain extent, I’ve exceeded my original dreams, I run a successful photo booth company and I am my own boss, but dreams change and evolve as you carve your path in life. I’ve always believed that you should dream big, but you can only dream as big as you can imagine in any point of your life. I always dreamed that I’d be working for myself and for ages that was the end goal. And I have achieved that, but when you reach your goals, you gotta make new goals else how are you going to grow further!?

Bristol Lifestyle Blogger Mermaid Gossip Dont Stop Dreaming

Since I have kinda “found myself” via blogging and YouTube, I have discovered new dreams and life is taking me on a journey I had never expected. Now I dream that one day my blog and my YouTube will take me on a new path, one filled with success and to achieve that feeling I am meant for more. I’m here to instil fun and hope to other people’s lives. To help and inspire other girls who have been on a similar path to myself, no matter which point. 

When I say I felt like I was meant for more, I always dreamed/hoped that one day I’d be famous but not in the standard kinda famous way; but in a niche that would mean something. I kind of always imagined I’d be a writer or a famous designer or something where people would look up to me and that I could help people. Back then, we were quite late starters with computers and internet at home because we couldn’t really afford it, so it never even occurred to me that this would be what I would be doing, creating my own internet famous! Honestly, it was only six years ago that I even discovered blogging and now I live and breath it.

Blogging has lead me into so many fantastic opportunities that I had never dreamed of because I didn’t even know these were things you *could* dream of, but has now opened opened up so many new dreams. From blogging, I’ve been lead to youtube and from that I’ve been privileged to get involved in some TV work, which I hope continues too. 

Bristol Lifestyle Blogger Mermaid Gossip Dont Stop Dreaming

All the decisions I’ve made in life, some have been good, some not so, but each and every choice I have made has lead me to where I am today. I’ve done nothing but work my ass off to achieve my dreams over the last six years since I took the plunge into self employment. I’ve not always taken the most direct route, I mean when I had my shop in Pokesdown I had the perfect studio youtube space to film etc but it obviously wasn’t the right time back then, I was depressed and in a bad place and I’ve learned so much since then, that my channel could have take a completely new direction.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and now everything feels so right and feels to have slotted into place. Everything feels like its on the right track now to take over the world!! Never give up on your dreams, just because one door closes doesn’t mean the next two doors won’t then get you back to the room you were actually supposed to be in, but you’ve learned way more on the route you took to get there!

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