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This week I am getting my glitter back on and it is time for a glitter ombré nail tutorial and video. As autumn rolls in, I am putting the pastels behind me and going for something a lot darker and more seasonal. Whilst, I am not one for reds and oranges, I do love a good dark pink and throw a bit of glitter in and that is my autumn all over.

I very rarely have the same design on every finger nail so today we have gone for a different design on each finger, but if you want to keep things simple, I wanted to show you very simply, how you can create a glitter ombre nail art. It is so easy to do but is so effective, anyone can do it and make it look like you have been to the salon.

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What you will need

Any base colour you like, we used one like this and this.

Less dense glitter – We used Barry M Cosmetics Glitter Nail Paint Rose Quartz 

More dense glitter – We used Models Own Pink Fizz Glitter Nail Polish


How to create your glitter ombré nail art

It is best to start with a dark base if you want to go for a gold or silver glitter, but as long as the colours are contrasting you should get a great result.

Start by giving each nail two coats of your base colour.

Apply each layer as thin as possible.

Be sure to let them dry thoroughly before applying the glitter.

Take the fine glitter to the longest part of your faded affect about half way up the nail.

Build the more dense glitter up over the top, applying the most coverage at the base.

Again, be sure to let them dry properly. If you will be doing regular nail art with several coats, it may be wise to invest in a Nail Dryer.

Apply your top coat.


Check out the video to see how it was done.

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    Charlotte - October 1, 2014

    Ah wow they are so nice! I’m awful at nail art, I have absolutely no patience but I may have to try because glitter nails are something I need in my life!

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