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I haven’t done a day in the life of in a while. I knew it was going to be a sporadic series! If you read my post on Thursday on post christmas blues, you will know that I was struggling to get back in the swing of things with my work. I have so much on the to do list for 2015, it all seemed to be a little overwhelming. So like I said I was going to, I organised everything in to lists and broke everything down in to smaller chunks to make everything feel a little more achievable.

Today I have been actioning some of the my bite sized chunks of work and I feel like I have had my first really productive day in so long. It seemed like prime time to do a day in the life of a blogger and #girlboss because today I feel like I am getting back to my business super hero ways.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Day in the life of a blogger and #girlboss no.3

Day in the Life of a Blogger and #blogboss


I woke up (the earliest in a few weeks!)

It’s Friday so I treated myself to honesy roasted salmon and scrambled egg on seeded toast, which I ate with Good Morning Britain.

Then I googled imaged photos of popstars with pink hair for inspiration for a make up video.


I started editing photos and blogs for Fishee Designs photo booth. I have so many photos from all the christmas parties and weddings in December that I wanted to schedule blogs for. Since launching Mermaid Gossip I have really neglected the blog over at Fishee Designs. I needed to remind myself that the photo booth is the most important part of my business and even though Mermaid Gossip is fun and exciting, I need to remember that.


My friend and neighbour Vicky, popped over for a cuppa tea and a catch up, I have seen very little people over the last few weeks so the interaction was good for me! We had loads to chat about and before we knew it, an hour had passed.


I finished uploading all my resized photos that were now fit for the website. I started editing a few of the pages that I had been meaning to finish for ages. I scheduled four blogs. I finished everything I had been meaning to for too long (bar a couple of things) and got it all up to date.


I stopped to eat some crackers and butter and let Puggy out for a wee!


Added a new Explore page on this old blog so you can find your way around new and old blog posts under the categories you want to look at, and made sure it looked pretty and functional.


Finished my best friends Save the Date cards and emailed them out.


Stopped to eat fresh spinach and ricotta pasta with cheese and pesto (mmm Yummy! my fav Friday night dinner!) that Brad had cooked for us.


Got dressed! (Yup I was still rocking my unicorn PJs until dinner!) Popped out with Brad (thought I had better leave the house) to go to TK Max to try and find him a suitcase (he goes away Skiing tomorrow) which he couldn’t find. Or he didn’t want to pay for one. We popped to his mums to deliver a card and borrowed said suitcase.


Returned home to put on a film. We watched We’re the Millers. Great film. We weren’t expecting it to be so good, we laughed so hard.


Ate cheese and crackers.


Brad put on another film, the Hangover 3, and I decided I had better finish up some work whilst I was still feeling creative.


I am writing this.

Est. 11.45p.


Edit: 12.30pm

Finished watching Joanna Lumley meets Will.I.Am and going to bed feeling inspired!!




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