Last week, I headed to Kaycie Kyle’s salon in Bristol to get my new nail art (which is becoming a bi-weekly occurrence these days!) I was undecided on what to go for and was swaying towards something autumnal before I got there. As soon as sat down and spotted Kaycie’s new Ted Baker iPhone case that she got for her birthday, I was like “that’s the one!”, I wanted a print inspired by the dark floral watercolour that adorned her iPhone.

Dark Floral Nail Art Inspired by Ted Baker Dark Floral Prints by Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip

Kaycie is never one to turn down the challenge and got out her acrylic paints and paint tray, along with her actual paint brush and started on her mini masterpiece. It was completely trial and error and her flowers look amazing, although in hindsight we both think it could have looked better with a much darker grey/purple base coat.

Check out he video to see how she achieved this dark floral nail art, completely inspired by Ted Baker!


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