One of the best things I get back from what I’ve achieved as a blogger and youtuber, is when you tell me how much I’ve been able to inspire you. – To wear the things you never thought you could wear, to feel good in clothes you feel like you shouldn’t and to always wanting to shop my style. That you tell me I help you to to embrace your curves and be the unique mermaid you were born to be. You’ve in turn, helped me to embrace my own body and also feel better in my own skin.

The internet can be a curse and a cure. We can find and be inspired by other women, that also love their bigger bodies, fuller figures and thicker thighs! I love that by owning my own unique style and size I can hunt out “plus size” (or as I recently said in my swimwear haul video, ‘I’m not Plus Size, I’m just Me Size’) clothes that I love, which in turn also helps you to find clothes you love too.

I’ve recently been having a clear out of my wardrobe, because it is literally over spilling. I have so many clothes that I’ve hardly worn that I want to go to a good home. I listed a few on my local facebook selling group and had such a good response. I had one particular lady come over to try a swimsuit on. Whilst she was here, she was also having a browse at all the other clothes I had sorted out and had hanging in my bedroom. She picked out a dress and tried it on, before I knew it I was styling her whole look, suggesting ‘this would look nice with that’, and it really did. She loved it and took a few more items than she’d planned to by the time she had left. It felt so good to do what I’ve been doing online, to someone IRL! It’s has totally inspired me.


One of my main bug bears is not always finding the styles of clothes that I like online in my size. Don’t get me wrong there’s a much bigger offering of plus size clothing these days but it’s still limited when you have a quirky and colourful style, that’s always changing. I’ve always loved hunting for bargains in vintage shops and charity shops, you know you’ll find something different and unique. You always ask me where I’ve got a piece of clothing or accessory from, it’s quite often one that I’ve randomly discovered somewhere. I’ve got a wardrobe full of colourful unique clothes that I don’t wear, half of which don’t even fit any more. I figured why not open up my wardrobe clearout to you too. Then I thought, let’s not stop there. I have decided I want to fill a complete style shop full of items that I love. Only awesome items of clothing that I would genuinely wear, and that fit #MESIZE girls. But I don’t just want to link to items via affiliate link like I’ve done in the past, and like everyone else does. I want to carefully curate a vintage #MESIZE wardrobe for you to shop my style when ever you want.

The Style Shop will be full of size 14 upwards vintage and seconds clothing only. A carefully curated, dedicated place for #MESIZE girls. Each piece will only be for sale if it fits me and that I would actually wear, so I can style it up for you and inspired you to try something new. There will also be a variety of bigger sizes, between size 14-18. Now (Well in just a few weeks!) you literally can shop my style. The Style Shop goes live on Friday 26th May, keep an eye out for updates before that and sign up to the mailing list for exclusive updates and discounts!! Click Here


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