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I did some work with Monki to promote their new store opening in Bristol last week. In return for a few insta posts, they sent me some lovely new Monki products that I’d styled up. I have discovered the most comfortable and stylish shirt ever. This isn’t a sponsored post but I just genuinely love this look so much I wanted to share it.

I love the rare occasion that you find clothes that not only look good but are also so comfy they feel like a second skin. This shirt is literally my fav thing to wear right now. I realise it isn’t the most flattering shirt in the world. It thoroughly drowns me in fabric and I Kaycie even commented that I look pregnant from behind. But I don’t even care. I feel like it’s got a really nonchalantly casual but cool style to it, along with many of the styles from Monki do.

I did actually pop in to Monki on Saturday whilst my best friend and Bridesmaid were in town, I couldn’t believe how busy it was! I’ve never seen a queue so long in my life. It was a bit difficult to look around because of how busy it was but I’ll most def be heading back to check it out again.

What I Wore

Shirt Dress – Monki

Hat – Monki 

Trainers – River Island


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