This week, I have managed to squeeze in two christmas parties, two hangover days, film and edit four videos, do all the washing, pack for our christmas vacay and still feel festive. Also my camera broke and I found a way to fix my Canon G7X when the lens got stuck. I’ve also done, two rounds of my morning steps with Puggy. I also found out whether I won the Get Your Vlog On competition…!!


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    Jasmine Vanessa - December 30, 2016

    In Brooklyn, New York, now. I have been watchin’ for a couple of years since I lived at my mother’s in Florida. You have the nicest English accent for a woman. I love where you are vlogging from in Bristol. The puppies are super adorable. I recommend vlogging with some guys from Bristol so that I can fancy them, too! The unicorn head statue was pretty amazing. Where did you buy it? I would like to add those to my room. I am in the process of moving but they would be great for my decor. Also, will you be vlogging for the New Year? I will be celebrating the New Year at my place in Brooklyn where it is safe and not crowded. So, Happy New Year from New York! Hope to see more great videos and best of wishes for you!

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