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It’s digital free download day for you girlbosses out there that love your media! As part of my #GIRLBOSSGOSSIP series, Wednesday’s post will now be a regular feature. I’ve been pottering around with the set up of #GIRLBOSSGOSSIP as I wasn’t quite happy with the way it was working from a techy logistical manner, it was proving to be a little bit of a nightmare, I won’t bore you with the detail (yet!).

“Can’t Touch This”

I’ve now rectified that and returned to having a monthly subscription, which just seems to work much better. Except now, I’ve categorised the entire library of video lessons and blog posts for you. If you sign up now, you’ll get access to ALL the previous video lesson library in ALL categories, ALL my previous boss blogs to guide you through certain topics and get to know my biz hacks. AND if that wasn’t enough, I’m also giving you a month for free when you sign up using the code FREEMONTHGOSSIP.

Can't Touch This Media Wallpaper Download

Now that I’m happy with the set up, I will continue to add a free download, new video lessons and new blog post tutorials across the board of subjects each week. When I’ve also quieted down with everything in September, I’ll also be filming a load more video lessons in bulk for you. I don’t want you getting bored during the autumn now, do we?! (Not that I’m thinking about autumn yet!)

Today’s downloadable is just a little pretty for your media. A little cactus ditty, but a strong message to adorned your phones and tablets with!

You can download this little design here.


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