DIY Tutorial // Glitter Ombré Nail Art

This week I am getting my glitter back on and it is time for a glitter ombré nail tutorial and video. As autumn rolls in, I am putting the pastels behind me and going for something a lot darker and more seasonal. Whilst, I am not one for reds and oranges, I do love a good dark pink and throw a bit of glitter in and that is my autumn all over.

I very rarely have the same design on every finger nail so today we have gone for a different design on each finger, but if you want to keep things simple, I wanted to show you very simply, how you can create a glitter ombre nail art. It is so easy to do but is so effective, anyone can do it and make it look like you have been to the salon.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Diy tutorial Glitter Ombre Nails

What you will need

Any base colour you like, we used one like this and this.

Less dense glitter – We used Barry M Cosmetics Glitter Nail Paint Rose Quartz 

More dense glitter – We used Models Own Pink Fizz Glitter Nail Polish


How to create your glitter ombré nail art

It is best to start with a dark base if you want to go for a gold or silver glitter, but as long as the colours are contrasting you should get a great result.

Start by giving each nail two coats of your base colour.

Apply each layer as thin as possible.

Be sure to let them dry thoroughly before applying the glitter.

Take the fine glitter to the longest part of your faded affect about half way up the nail.

Build the more dense glitter up over the top, applying the most coverage at the base.

Again, be sure to let them dry properly. If you will be doing regular nail art with several coats, it may be wise to invest in a Nail Dryer.

Apply your top coat.


Check out the video to see how it was done.

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Outfit Post // Barbie and the Unicorn

As you know if you read yesterday’s post, I went to see Tim Walker on Friday at the V&A Museum, and so he inspired me to have some more fun with my outfit posts and get a little more creative. So this week I thought I would try some studio style shots for this week’s outfit post, and of course, I had to get the unicorn involved!

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from Barbie’s PR agency asking if I fancied styling up something from their new range at Tesco, I instantly knew it would be such a fun outfit. I wanted to glam it up a bit as this oversized tee is actually from their nightwear range, but who doesn’t love an over sized tee, and I would so wear this out, err nighties are the new dresses doncha know!?

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn

Barbie is so hot right now, she is all over the catwalk, the SS15 Moschino range is my new fav thing! So what more of an excuse do you need to pop down to Tesco and grab yourself one of these tees!?

Featured: Barbie Oversized Tee from Tesco ♥ Crown & Glory Petrol Glitter Bow ♥ Pink Hi Tops  ♥ Unicorns are models own!

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Barbie and the Unicorn
This outfit was made possible with the help from Barbie’s PR agency.

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Mermaid Tales // Tim Walker in Conversation at V&A

Good Morning Beautiful!! Wow what a gorgeous morning, FINALLY it’s sunny AND a cool and crisp morning. Downton Abbey started last night and now it feels like my favourite time of year, I think we can safely say autumn is upon us and it makes me feel all warm inside.

Where has the weekend gone? I had a weekend off the photo booth for a change, but yet there was still our friends wedding to attend on Saturday night! My weekend started on Friday this week, Laura Power and I headed to London to the V&A Museum to see the wedding dress exhibition and also to see Tim Walker in conversation. It was all pretty random, I only decided on Monday to go after Laura’s friend dropped out and she had a spare ticket. I was mildly aware of Tim Walker, but I had never had a huge interest in his work (unlike Laura who, as a trained photographer, has been a life time fan!) so I really just went along for a day out to London – any excuse!

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Tim Walker in Conversation

We jumped on the coach (whoooooo! – one for the Scott Mills fans! – I haven’t been on a coach since college) at 9.30am from Bristol and chatted away the entire two and half hour journey. We arrived at Victoria train station about midday and made our way to the V&A museum, via a quick peruse around the National History Museum mammal section. We thought we would have time to spare to have more of a browse around london for some photos ops, but by the time we had got our tube tickets and found our way through Victoria station, it was near enough time for the wedding dress exhibition. I was hoping to be able to take some awesome photos of awesome dresses, turns out that no photography (or sketching, had I felt the need) was allowed so I just have to keep it locked in my memory palace instead! It was quite a small exhibition but for me the best thing about it was to see Kate Moss, Dita Von Tease and Gwen Stafani’s wedding dresses, all in the same room. They were so fabulous, but actually my favourite of all the dresses was the Jenny Packham Rapunzal dress, it was sooooo sparkly!

Tim Walker in conversation, wasn’t until 6.30pm so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the gift shops, getting lost if the galleries and making the most of the free afternoon tea that was included in the ticket price. The time flew by so quickly and before we knew it, we were queueing up for the lecture theatre wondering what Tim would be talking about. He was joined by his friends and actresses Gwendoline Christie and Amanda Herlech, who had prepared some questions. Tim talked us through several of his favourite photos and let us in on some of the behind the scenes stories, his influences for each of the photos and the process this world famous fashion photographer took to get to the magic of the end result. By the end of the talk, I was completely besotted with this incredibly down to earth guy that sat not five meters in-front of us.

Mermaid Gossip Tim Walker in Conversation
Tim Walker’s Unicorn

This was my favourite of the images he spoke about. And the fact that the reason this shot came about was because a car alarm was going off in the background which made the little pony turn to face away from the camera, and the models were whispering to each other at the right moment. (Yes that is a real miniature pony!)

“Only deal in what moves you deeply” – Tim Walker

I managed to pick up a sign copy of his book, Tim Walker: Story Teller, which I spent the whole coach journey home, reading and looking at the photos in great detail. He was very inspiring and has really made me think about my perspective on my work and how I can be influenced by so much more of life and have even more fun and break the boundaries of normality (even more than I already do!).


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Fifties Danish Style Living Room Decor

I have been wanting to do this kind of post since we moved in to our house in Bristol two years ago (almost to the day). We moved in in a bit of a rush, with only 8 weeks to turn a delapitated 1930’s property in to something I was proud to call my home. We thought it would be enough time to get everything up to scratch with all hands on deck, until we had some roofing complications (the whole thing needed replacing!) and Brad spent four weeks on top of the house re doing the entire roof (he’s a clever boy!). So the whole process was pretty rushed and we did what we could (with the small budget we had) to get it to a state that was ready to move in to, we didn’t have a kitchen for three months and that was only finished the week before christmas when our entire family descended apon us.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo


Since then, we have done very little to the interior. We have both been busy with work and getting in to the swing of things with life together, building our family and making memories. Recently I have been getting very frustrated with the state of the house, it’s ok and could be worse but it doesn’t really show off our design style and feels like it is time to start doing all the things I have been planning for two years.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

Brad goes away to work in France in a couple of weeks, so I have decided to take some time off and start to conquer the living room. Currently we have a (fifteen year old hand me down from my old family home) sofa that used to be cream that now looks like a failed tie-dye attempt, since I decided to try and dye the cream covers to a turquoise shade, and a brown leather sofa that we picked up from a charity shop. The hideous (IMO) terracotta carpet was chosen by Brad and his dad the day before I moved in from Bournemouth which is so depressive, I can’t stand it. It’s all a complete mismatch with no real identity with brown-y beige walls and dark brown bookcase wallpaper and needs a complete over haul.

Mermaid Gossip Fifties Danish Style Living Room Inspo

So, of course I have taken to pinterest to bring my dream alive. I have about a £500 to do the entire room and that includes buying new sofas and some furniture to bring it all in to a theme that we are happy with. Naturally I want all the rooms in our house to be instagrammable(!) and have some real character, teamed with being a creative space that is cosy and comfortable. I have plans to lift the carpet, sand the original 1930s floor boards back. An off-white, grey, mustard yellow, and teal colour palette in mind and G-plan and fifties inspired danish furniture to source. I will be mixing old with new to create my fifties danish style living room.

Fifties Danish Living Room Inspiration

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Fifties Danish Living Room Wish List

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