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A few weeks back, Alexis from Strange and Charmed AKA Miss Trenchcoat, tagged me to do the I Heart Instagram Tag which she created. I love instagram and am a little obsessed with it to say the least so I was very excited to do this tag, I have also filmed it so if you would just like to watch my answers then please skip to the bottom of the post!

What’s your instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?


What are your favourite #hashtags?

 #dogsofinstagram #instapuppy #mermaid #unicorn #love #crownandglory

What is your favourite genre of photos?

 Lifestyle, Colourful, Fashion

How often do you post?

 Sometimes, 5 times a day if I am up to something fun, sometimes none, but on average 3 times a day.

How often do you check instagram?

 ALL THE TIME!! Whenever I am not doing anything else!

What’s your fav filter?

 I don’t use any instagram filters, i’m an Afterlight App girl.

Purist or Rebel?

 Rebel – I use all kinds of images on my instagram profile but 90% are taken and edited on my iPhone.

Three fav instagram profiles currently?

 @kategabrielle @melonladybaby @amythemermaidx


You can check out the video below and don’t forget to head on over and give me a little follow!

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Tuesday Treasures // Dark Floral

I am a huge fan of all things floral all year round but I do love this time of year when the dark floral prints start to come in to the shops. I am looking forward to wearing a lot of black, burgundy, golds, deep blues and purple shades this autumn winter. I have already seen lots of items I have been lusting over so here is a round up of the best I have seen online for your outfit inspiration.

Outfit Inspiration

Mermaid Gossip Tuesday Treats Dark Floral Outfit Inspiration

Featured: Crown and Glory Flower Crown  ♥ Karen Millen Dark Floral Dress  ♥ Holographic Jacket ♥  Jeffery Campbell Oil Leak Boots  ♥  Unicorn Clutch ♥  Cross Earrings ♥  Skull Necklace ♥  Models Own Purple Haze 


Best Dark Floral Online

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Outfit Post // Rock Cat

Today, I have decided to up my blog posting game, so if you came here looking for Tuesday Treasures, you can find that later on today where I am making space for all things awesome, so from now on you will be able to find an outfit post every tuesday morning.

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

OMG this Skirt!!!! We went in to Sainsburys over the weekend (for food and cider!) and this skirt was on the first end rail as I walked in the shop and I just couldn’t not have it!! I have been looking at getting a black faux leather skirt for a while but apart from a gorgeous vintage one I saw a while back, which most definitely wasn’t my size, I haven’t found any nice ones that I liked. Then I saw this – IT EVEN HAS POCKETS!!

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

As you know I am a fan of the midi full circle skirt (and skirts in general) my collection is getting rather large now, but I just can’t stop, they’re everything my big ass and slim waist needs for a flattering silhouette.

Featured in the photos: Crown and Glory cat ears ♥ Wild Love t-shirt from Primark last year ♥  Sunglasses from Romwe ♥ Leather Skirt Sainsbury’s ♥  Selected rings from Cheap Frills   Shoes I think they were Yumi last year  

Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock CatMermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat Mermaid Gossip Outfit Post Rock Cat

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Mermaid Tales // Exciting and Emotional Weekend

OMG!!! I am sooooo excited to be able to share this special weekend with you. It has been a very exiting and emotional weekend (to say the least) with my best friend Fenner and my fellow bridesmaids, Helen and Dani. I drove up to Northampton on Friday in preparation for an early start on Saturday. Along with Fenner’s mum, we were booked in to go and view the venue that they have booked recently, at Dodford Manor in Daventry. Set in the northamptonshire countryside, the modern and clean stone barn conversion, is exactly what I had pictured my best friend getting married in. The reception area has fantastic inside/outside windows with a gorgeous view and providing excellent light for photos (and toilet selfies!!)

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid Tales

There was a wedding happening at the venue so it was a super quick look around and then on to the next location, the first wedding dress shop that we were booked in for Fenner to try on her first ever wedding dresses. She had done some research and read some really good reviews about Serendipity Brides which is just down the road from the venue. I didn’t really know what to expect from the experience, I have heard horror stories of brides having such a bad experience when wedding dress shopping. So when we stepped in the shop greeted by a calming atmosphere and smiling faces, we all instantly felt relaxed and at home. We were served up teas and coffees in cute little mugs and were left to have a browse, whilst Fenner told the lady who was looking after us what she thought she wanted. We all picked out a few suggestions, which were taken through to the fitting room. As we followed after the cloud of white lace and sparkles ahead of us, her mum picked up a dress in a completely different style than she thought she wanted. We had all said she should try on something unexpected just to rule it out if nothing else, so that one came through with us too.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid TalesMermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid TalesMermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid Tales

With our coffees, we sat there with our tissues at the ready, and cookies tempting us from the glasses tray on the table. We were all ready for the tears, seeing our girl all grown up in a wedding dress. She must have tried on about 7 or 8 dresses, all of which were nice, but only a couple really had the wow factor, and none of them felt like “the one” to any of us, let alone Fenner. The girls had sobbed a few tears during this process but I was beginning to feel like my working in the wedding industry had taken the speciality away from the day. They were all just looking like nice dresses, just like the ones I see all the time.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid Tales

There was one dress left as we swiftly made our way through the allocated time we had for our viewing, it was the one that her Mum had picked out on the way in, the one none of us had thought would be the style she would want. And then she stepped out the dressing room and we were all speechless. My best friend who I have seen grow up since we were eleven years old looked the MOST beautiful I have ever seen her look. She was a proper princess, no a queen. We all grinned with such pride, Fenner’s face said it all, we were all in tears. This was the one, this is the dress that dreams are made of.

Mermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid TalesMermaid Gossip Bristol Blog Personal Style Mermaid Tales

Who knew it could be so easy! We were all ready to visit three of four dress shops and try on twenty dresses before she found the one. The staff in the shop were so lovely, the shop was beautiful and the lady who was helping Fenner get in and out of the dresses and helping her make up her mind was so lovely and knew her stuff and really helped make the experience so perfect. Of course, the rest of the day was filled with lots champagne and celebrations and more talk of wedding planning. None of us can believe that we now how to wait over a year to see her in that dress again but it will all be worth the wait!


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DIY Tutorial // How To Do Unicorn Galaxy Nail Art

If you have been following me on instagram or on my you tube channel, you will know that one of my favourite things to do is go and get my nails done with Kaycie Kyle. I have been going to see Kaycie every four weeks (or more) since December 2012 when I first moved to Bristol. This was the first set I ever had done and I have never looked back. You will never see me with out my nails done, and they will more often than not be embellished with studs, designs and the latest nail trends. I have never had the same set twice becuase there is soooooo many design combinations to try out. In fact, each time I go I say “next time I think I will go for something simple” and it rarely happens, they seem to get more extravagant each time!

Back in April I had dark galaxy nails for the first time, and through all the nail inspiration research we did before trying out this new nail art, these turned out to be the best galaxy nails I could find, Kaycie did a fantastic job, and of all the nail art I have had, these have got to be in my top five designs…. Until last week! I wanted to revisit the galaxy nails because they look amazing and when you know how to do them, they really are quite easy to achieve. Not one to ever have the same nail art twice, I wanted to create a little twist on the original galaxy design by throwing some unicorn inspiration, and by that I just mean the colour scheme and vibe I was hoping for. You can watch the video to follow the process all the way through but here is a summary of how to do unicorn galaxy nail art.

Mermaid Gossip Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - How to do Unicorn Galaxy Nails Art

You will need:

A base colour – We used Models Own Purple Nail Polish and Models Own Hyper Gel Blue Glint Nail Polish

4 “Splodging” colours – We used some of the Essie range but Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection  would work perfectly.

A Shimmer – We used Models Own Beetlejuice Collection Indian Ocean Nail Polish

A large glitter – We used Models Own Nail Polish Blizzard

Nail art brush and Pen – Models Own Nail Art Pen White

A Sponge


How to do Unicorn Galaxy Nail Art

Paint your choice of base colour on in a random order with just one coat.

In any order, paint a splodge of you pastel colours on to your sponge, and dab on to each nail. Repeat with each colour building up your spoldges on each nail.

Paint your shimmer colour across some or all of the nail in no particular order (the more random the better)

Wait to dry.

Use the thin brush of the nail art pen, and draw stars sporadically on each nail (1-2 per nail)

Use the pen nib of the nail art pen and dot small dots near the larger stars in clusters on each nail.

Use the Blizard glitter to cover over the clusters.

Wait to dry. – There are a lot of layers you will need to dry so don’t touch anything for a while!


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