I’ve covered winter florals in the past, floral fashion is perennial and great all year around, but I love the darker, edgier tones to winter florals this season. If I’m honest, I’m really bored of my wardrobe recently and I’m really looking to refresh my style.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “best of’ post but it’s a post I want to re introduce to the blog. There is so much shopping that I want to do online atm, but I’m really trying to prioritise my spending. By throwing these items out in to the universe in blog form, it’s my way of being able to do some shopping without actually spending. I’ll just leave these winter florals here until I decide what I really need to buy!

Let the research commence!

How I Would Style The Winter Floral Look

Dark Floral Outfit Inspiration

Pleather Jacket

Biker Boots

Metal Clutch Purse

Flower Crown


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